University of Economics - The University of Danang has determined that quality assurance is the most important mission, which significantly contributes to quality and reputation of the institution. Following the success of the first evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in 2009 with more than 80% criteria achieving Level 2, the University has completed the self-evaluation report and has been peer-reviewed. The external audit is planned for early 2016.

    Currently, all academic programmes of the University are designed according to AUN standards. AUN (ASEAN University Network) was established in 1995 by the Ministers of Education and the Rectors of the leading universities of  Southeast Asia for promoting collaboration and enhancing the quality of teaching and research among universities in the region. 


    - Fifty % of the training programs are successfully assessed by MOET by 2020;

    - At least three programmes will be accredited by AUN by 2020.


    For years, the University focuses on internal audit activities as well as the planning and implementation of integrative solutions for quality improvement.

    The institution periodically conducts surveys to get feedback from stakeholders (students, alumni, industries) about teaching, learning, learning outcomes, and curriculum ...

    Seminars and workshops are frequently organized in quality subjects including active teaching, assessment methodology and AUN's methodology to construct curriculum. Consequently, quality awareness of faculty and students is increasingly enhanced, building the foundation for a quality culture and an advanced academic environment.