• Our history

    University of Economics is a University member of the University of Danang, which is one of the top ten leading universities in Vietnam. The University has had so far 48 years of experience in providing human resources in the area of economics and business. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs in 31 majors. The teaching staffs including experienced lecturers and professors from 13 different faculties have focused enactment of our mission to foster a learner-centered curriculum throughout the university. At the moment, the University admits 15,000 students attending both full-time and part-time courses.

    Right after the unity of Vietnam, being fraught with a myriad of almost insuperable difficulties, the first-generation professors of the Faculty of Economics, the University Institute of Danang (that subsequently became Danang University of Technology), assiduously nurtured and laid the substantial foundations for the establishment and development of University of Economics - The University of Economics today.

    More than forty years of the vigorous growth saw our University archiving a variety of historical milestones. Formerly being an adjunct faculty with about 20 members of teaching staff, annually training approximately 100 students, the Faculty of Economics developed into Danang University of Economics Campus, a division of the Ministry of University and Vocational High Schools. It was a turning point to prepare human resources, facilities, and management experience for the development of our University. In 1994, along with the establishment of the University of Danang, University of Economics and Business Administration was established by the Government Decree No 32/CP. In 2004, the University was officially renamed University of Economics. With 04 doctoral majors, 06 master majors and 27 undergraduate majors, University of Economics - the University of Danang has become not only a nationally prestigious multidisciplinary higher educational institution, but also a leading research center for business management consultancy and economic knowledge transfer in Vietnam.