* Introduction to Public Finance programme:

    In recent years, innovation in the field of public finance have been focused by the State and required human resources professionally trained to meet the needs of state agencies at all levels; administrative units and other financial institutions.

    The Public Finance programme, provided by the Faculty of Banking (UD-DUE) is the only major in public finance available in Central - Central Highlands region in Vietnam.

    The programme provides fundamental knowledge in the field of finance and in-depth knowledge in public finance, financial management in the public sector at different levels from policy making to operational planning, which offers a wide variety of career opportunities.

    Graduates will be awarded a degree in “Bachelor of Finance – Banking” and the transcript will be marked with a specialisation in “Public Finance”.

    * After graduation, graduates from Public Finance programme can work at:

    • Specialised financial management agencies: Tax, Customs, State Treasury, Social Insurance, State Audit; …
    • State management agencies in the field of public finance and investment
    • State administrative units
    • Public (non-business) units
    • Financial and tax consulting companies
    • State Bank, Bank for Social Policies and other non-profit financial institutions
    • State-owned enterprises, state capital management agencies
    • In addition, graduates will also have job opportunities at financial institutions such as commercial banks; People's Credit Fund; Microfinance institutions; Financial company; Financial leasing companies; Investment companies, Investment funds, securities companies, life and non-life insurance companies, ... and other job positions related to the field of Finance - Banking in enterprises with all types of ownership.