• Library

    UD-DUE library was built with an area of 2,365 m2 with many spacious, well-ventilated reading rooms, discussion rooms and self-study space. The library has full equipment including computers, printers, and copiers for the library management. Additionally, the library offers free wireless internet access to all library visitors, allowing them to access online resources conveniently for learning and researching.

    UD- DUE library is equipped with sufficient resources of books, textbooks, reference books in both Vietnamese and foreign languages to cater for various readers’ needs.

    Database for research includes:

    Library management softwares: printed document management software (Lac Viet and Aleph) and electronic document management software (DSPACE).

    During 2021 and 2022, UD-DUE’s library will allow testing use of a database that provides all-time access to international articles, and it will officially use this database after 2 testing years. It means that UD-DUE’s library increasingly meets the teaching, learning and scientific research needs of staff and students.

    • Opening hours of library: from 7 pm to 9 pm, even on Saturday and Sunday.