• Vision, Mission and Values - Faculty of Banking

    Based on the UD-DUE’s educational philosophy and commitment to the UD-DUE vision, mission, and values system, Faculty of Banking has established our own vision, mission, and values as follows:

    VisionFaculty of Banking aims to become a prestigious institute for training, scientific researching as well as consultancy in the field of Banking- Finance in Vietnam and ASEAN.

    Mission: The mission of Faculty of Banking is to become the training center with the aim of exploring individual potentials of students and fostering a spirit of cooperation among students, lectures, and financial institutions. The Faculty provides scientific solutions and the qualified human resources in the field of Banking – Finance to serve sustainable development for the community. 

    Values: The values that we preserve and guides all our actions as follows:

    • Creativity
    • Cooperation
    • Respect for the individuals