• Public Finance Program Specialization

    The approach of undergraduate programme in Public Finance is based on the advanced standards of top universities in the world (Monash University, University of Queensland in Australia, and University of Southampton in the UK) in three aspects: knowledge, skills and attitude. On the basis of efficient resource allocation and use (well-trained lecturers; standard teaching facilities; satisfaction in terms of quantity and quality of learning materials, ...), the Faculty of Banking have provided the programme’s curriculum approaching international standards and applied advanced teaching methods. Students majoring in public finance are both equipped with fundamental knowledge in the field of finance and in-depth knowledge, as well as professional skills in public finance, financial management in the public sector at different levels from policy making to operational planning.

    After graduation, graduates from Public Finance programme will:

    - Have ability to analyse macroeconomic policies; to assess effects of public financial policies (public investment policies and tax policies) on the efficiency of resource allocation, social equality and economic stability; to perform operations related to taxation, state treasury, social insurance and public investment… The programme is also designed to adapt to the diversification of learners' careers.

    - Develop self-control, independence; display teamwork skills, good moral character, especially professional ethics; show effective IT and communication skills, demonstrate English competence in global professional working environment.