• Dean's message



    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Having been training Banking bachelors since 1987, the Faculty of Finance and Banking was established along with the formation of the two specialisations Corporate finance and Public finance. In 2014, in response to the need of further development, Corporate finance was separated and renamed. The Faculty of Banking is now in charge of Banking and Public finance training.

    Together with the development of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang throughout the time since 1975, we are proud of our broad background in Banking and Finance training and the vital academic group with the participation of both Banking and Finance lecturers. Our faculty in addition has the duty to provide training for the three levels of qualifications: Bachelor, Master and Ph.D.

    As the dean of the faculty and on behalf of the entire Banking and Finance department, I guarantee to always consider training quality as top priority and a key factor contributing to successful education. From our faculty’s perspectives, we assume that training quality would be determined by the great amount of researching and teaching endeavour, the increasingly advanced teaching skills and the adequate care and support to each individual on the basis of humanities. On the other hand, the curriculum would be redesigned to strike a balance between the demand of modernisation, international integration and the need of adaptation to our country’s distinguished social and economic environment, between the enhancement of in-depth training and career diversification ability in the current challenging employment scenario.

    I firmly believe in the realisation of these commitments, which would consequently bring the best values to our students and stakeholders in the context of our country’s bounded and unsettling education system that could only be altered gradually. Besides, I would truthfully appreciate hearing your thoughts and cooperation from you.

    Assoc.Prof., PhD. Lam Chi Dung

    Dean of Faculty of Banking (2015-2020)