The origin of FB dates back to the Banking and Finance Division under the Faculty of Statistics, Accounting, Planning, Banking and Finance in 1987. After several reforms and name changes (Faculty of Finance and Statistics in 1994, Faculty of Finance and Banking in 2005), the Faculty of Banking has been split from Faculty of Finance and Banking and operated as an independent faculty of UD-DUE since 2015.

    Over the last 35 years, FB has achieved significant milestones in the process of teaching, research, social relations, and international cooperation. FB is responsible for providing high-quality human resources in the fields of banking and finance both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Vietnam, especially for the central region, as well as some provinces in Laos.

    FB has a total of 21 members including many highly qualified academic staff (01 associate professors, 10 doctors, 03 doctoral candidates, and 06 masters). Most of them graduated from renowned universities in developed countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, etc. This creates a diversity of orientations for teaching and research as well as international integration.

    The Faculty has always focused on research and achieved important accomplishments. Along with Vietnamese partners, we organised and contributed to the success of the conference “National Scientific Conference on Finance and Banking” (DCFB) in 2020. This conference has been organised in close coordination with other universities and employers. FB’s lecturers are authors and co-authors of many textbooks and reference books; cooperate in scientific projects and programmes with many institutes and universities. Especially, most of the research articles of FB’s academic staff have been published in high-quality research journals indexed in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus such as Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, The British Accounting Review, International Journal of Financial Studies, Energy Economy, International Journal of Production Economics among others. We also attach great importance to students’ research activities in order to enhance research capacity and promote lifelong learning.

    After almost 35 years of development, FB has awarded more than 2,500 bachelor’s degrees, 1,000 master’s degrees, and 01 PhD degree. Many FB’s alumni have held significant positions in banks, government organisations, as well as universities in Vietnam and other countries. Our alumni also support the faculty and the university not only in training and research but also in building and assessing the programme learning objectives.

    Staff of Faculty of Banking in 2015

    Staff of Faculty of Banking in 2020