Scholarships under the Agreement between Belarus and Vietnam


Based on the Agreement between the Republic of Belarus and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the field of education, 20 scholarship slots, including 5 for undergraduate level, 5 for graduate level, 5 for Doctoral postgraduate level and 5 for internship will be opened.

- Undergraduate program (Bachelor or Engineer): 4-5 school year (not including 1 year for learning language);

- Master program: 1-2 academic year (not including 1 year for learning language);

- Doctoral program: 3-4 years (not including 1 year for learning language);

- Internship program: from 3 months to 1 year.

Belarusian or Russian language are required for all applicants. If applicants are not fluent in those 2 languages, they must prepare 1 year for language learning without scholarship.

The Government of Belarus will provide tuition fees, health insurance, and monthly scholarships for specialized courses at the rate set by the Belarusian Government for the International Student Scholarship Agreement.

The Government of Vietnam will provide return air tickets, transportation fees, passport and visa fees and a part of monthly allowance.

The application must be submitted before March 22, 2019.

All details can be found here.