Love sharing Tet - Love-filled Tary


The trip to Tary village (Lang commune, Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province) from January 19 to January 20, 2019 of Department of Banking Delegation has ended with so many beautiful memories filled with lots of love.

There was the enthusiasm of youths in blue shirts, who has surpassed more than 100km to bring warmhearted gifts to the mountainous people.

There were great efforts of nearly 70 volunteers in the Banking Department to warm up New Year in the remoted area. 

There were the bright smiles of the village children upon receiving new warm jackets, as well as having fun with the youths from the university. 

These were the gleaming eyes when the street lights are lit up all over the village.

There were sincere thank-you of the villagers upon receiving banh-chung and small gifts that were filled with love.

There was friendliness and affection among villagers and volunteers to create memorable moments.

To make this trip more meaningful and valuable, we’ve paid attention not only to the villagers’ material needs, but also to their educations and healthiness through small but useful programs. Besides all the gifts, the homemade and cooked cakes, the newly created street lamps, or the warm clothes for the children, there were also the studying corners, and the clean teeth and the clean hands programs. This was two-month non-stop efforts of volunteers and the positive contribution of benefactors. As the cars leaving the area, we brought back to the city indescribable emotions, beautiful memories and nostalgia for the people in this land. Another year has passed with the new destination, new people and new memories. We will continue maintaining and promoting this kind activity which brings love-filled Tet holidays every year in other disadvantaged areas with all the enthusiasm of the youths of the Department of Banking.

We sincerely would like to thanks all the benefactors and the local leaders (commune leaders, village leaders, commune Youth Union) of Tary village of Quang Nam province; and last but not least to all volunteers of the Banking Department contribute to the success of the volunteer program – LOVE SHARING TET - LOVE-FILLED TARY 2019.

Now let's look back on this journey.