The appointment of the Internship Defense Committee for the second semester, school year 2020-2021


According to the University's guidance on the implementation of online Internship defense due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Faculty of Banking would like to inform students who are applying for the defense as follows:

1/ Time: from 8:00 am on Thursday (June 3rd, 2021).

2/ Procedures:

    - Online meeting room (the link will be updated via personal email at the earliest).

    - Length: 30 minutes max/student.

           + Each student presents up to 10 minutes (screensharing the slides of the main content of the report).

           + Students answer questions from the Committee.

3/ Important notes:

    - Actively prepare means of access (laptop/desktop) to ensure a stable Internet connection, with camera and microphone functions to interact well with the Committee members during the defense.

    - Dress smartly.

    - Present in the assigned sequence (the list will be updated before the due date).

The Faculty of Banking wishes all students good health and confidently complete your defense.