• Educational cooperation activities between Faculty and Enterprise

    Educational cooperation activities between Faculty and Enterprise

    The cooperative relationship between the University of Economics, Danang University in general, and the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics in particular with enterprises is an important activity of special concern in the development strategy of the university. Enterprises play a role as providers of market demand information, thereby advising and collaborating with the Faculty to design education program, teaching methods, new technologies, ... At the same time, DUE and the Faculty provide highly trained human resources that meet the demands of businesses. They also collaborate in research and transfer research products to the business operations.

    MOU signing ceremony between Faculty of Statistics - Informatics and enterprises

    In recent years, the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics has signed MOUs with many enterprises such as FPT Software, TMA Solutions, Fast, Bravo, and others. From these collaborations, we have coordinated with these enterprises in various education activities such as:

    1.1.         Cooperate with industry experts in teaching:

    The Information Systems Management program is educated according to a specific mechanism, therefore, 30% of the total program duration is taught by experts from enterprises. There are two forms of teaching with the participation of experts: Co-teaching with lecturers or full-time teaching.

    In addition, experts from enterprises also participate in extracurricular teaching for subjects such as: Survey Method, Economic Statistics, Financial Statistics, …

    The lesson involves the participation of experts from enterprises in the teaching


    1.2.         Collaboration with enterprises in career counseling and providing job opportunities:

    Every year, the Faculty of Statistics - Informatics organizes workshops and invites enterprises to participate along with the faculty's leaders and departments. The enterprises share information about the human resource requirements, job positions, and employment opportunities for the students of the faculty, aiming to help the students have career orientation, correct awareness, and attitude during their study at the university. Additionally, enterprises provide job opportunities for the students through recruitment notice boards or job fairs.

    Career orientation seminar by the Enterprises for FSI students (2022)

    1.3.         Collaboration with enterprises in receiving internship students, practical visits:

    This collaboration aims to provide opportunities for students to experience the real working environment at enterprises, thereby reinforcing the knowledge acquired at the university and helping students to develop their professional skills, soft skills, and appropriate attitudes towards their careers. It also offers students the chance to demonstrate their professional competence to potential employers. Therefore, it is also an opportunity for students to apply for job positions at enterprises after graduation.

    Economic and Social Statistics students are doing an internship to collect data for the Statistics Office of DaNang city.

    Information Systems Management students are participating in a practical visit to enterprises

    1.4.         Enterprises participate in developing education programs and evaluating learning results

    The Faculty of Statistics - Informatics invites experts (mainly middle and senior-level managers) from enterprises to participate in the development, appraisal, review and update of the Faculty's education program through seminars and scientific talks. In addition to evaluating courses taught by enterprise experts, the faculty also invites enterprise experts to guide and evaluate the results of students' professional internships and graduation internships.

    Seminar with enterprises on the education program and internship program of the Management Information Systems major

    Seminar "Education program for the Economic and Social Statistics major at the graduate and undergraduate levels" organized by the Statistics Department at the Statistics Office of DaNang city.

    1.5.         Enterprise Scholarships

    Every year, cooperative enterprises give scholarships to students with excellent achievements in study and training.

    Scholarship of BRAVO company for students with excellent academic achievements

    iERP Scholarship for Hackathon Award Winners