The Youth Union inter-chapter of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics has always sought for and implemented learning, training, and development in recent years. The Youth Union inter-chapter consistently achieves exceptional results not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities due to the tireless efforts of students and staff. We will go over the "unknown things" regarding the Union that you should be aware of.


    The full name of the Youth Union inter-chapter of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics is Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union inter-chapter of Faculty of Statistics and Informatics, University of Economics – The University of Danang, being the representative of students of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics. The Youth Union inter-chapter has accomplished several great achievements for years. The Youth Union inter-chapter has expanded and flourished under the guidance of the Board of Directors of the Faculty, the Executive Committee of the Youth Union inter-chapter, and the functional units, advisers.

    The Youth Union inter-chapter of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics has organized extracurricular activities and career counseling for students to obtain additional skills and experience. Community College has become a right-hand man in the activities of the University of Economics - UD in general, and the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics in particular.

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    • The Executive Committee of Youth Union inter-chapter of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics is directly responsible for administering the Union of Classes, as well as directing activities and movements within the Faculty.
    • Participating in the instruction of faculty and students in political ideology, revolutionary morality, and lifestyle.
    • Organize Culture – Art – Fitness events to enrich spiritual life while also finding excellent individuals to contribute to the force by engaging in Faculty and school movements.
    • Contributing to the creation of a healthy learning and living environment, therefore boosting the quality of learning and scientific research among students.
    • Coordinate and arrange beneficial career counseling programs for students.
    • Establishing a grassroots Youth Union inter-chapter organization, as well as nurturing and growing the Party for its members.


    The organizational structure includes:

    • Secretary: Trần Thị Thu Thảo
    • Deputy secretary:
    • Lê Thị Thanh Trúc
    • Hoàng Công Trình
    • Members of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union inter-chapter:
    • Lê Thị Thanh Trúc
    • Hoàng Công Trình
    • Phạm Thị Trà My
    • Hoàng Phương Anh
    • Phạm Hoàng Triều
    • Cao Linh Chi
    • Đàm Như Vũ
    • Hoàng Nguyễn Yến Nhi
    • Tô Huyền Anh
    • Trần Thị Linh Chi
    • Lê Thị Ánh Tuyết
    • Nguyễn Thị Minh Tâm
    • Events Team: As the "brain" of the Faculty’s events and activities, the event team will be in charge of planning, arranging, and coordinating events such as MC, livening up, dealing with problems, and so on.

    • Leader: Hoàng Phương Anh
    • Members:
    • Nguyễn Anh Tú
    • Bùi Lê Khánh Vy
    • Nguyễn Văn Quang
    • Phạm Thái Quỳnh Oanh
    • Lê Công Sơn
    • Lê Quang Hưng Nguyên
    • Trần Hoàng Nhật
    • Hoàng Thị Thu Thủy
    • Nguyễn Xuân Vũ
    • Nguyễn Hoàng
    • Human Resources Team: Union’s "mother" is Human Resources team. The team handles backup, logistics, and people care concerns for activities, events, and the Cam House.

    • Leader: Phạm Thị Trà My
    • Members:
    • Nguyễn Thị Kim Phượng
    • Phạm Phương Linh
    • Nguyễn Thị Diệu Hiền
    • Nguyễn Lê Bảo Ngân
    • Ngô Văn Thịnh
    • Phạm Ngọc Trung
    • Media Team: As "The Face" of KETIN House, the Media Team will be the location where the Union's Board of Directors will communicate all messages to everyone. The team’s primary responsibility is to build timelines, design, write content, photograph and film.

    • Leader: Phạm Hoàng Triều
    • Members:
    • Vũ Nhật Hạ
    • Bùi Thị Thương
    • Phạm Thị Thảo Huyền
    • Lê Vũ Thùy Nhi


    In recent years, the Faculty Union's activities have mostly focused on connecting the Faculty's majors, union of classes, and students. To stimulate activities of the Union to become stronger, and make a huge impression in contests, and its members are continually developing themselves, always striving to improve their skills and expertise in order to properly arrange highly specialized programs.

    The Union has organized many meaningful, practical activities so that students can interact and learn from each other, there will be programs annually such as:

    • Welcome week

    Youth Union inter-chapter students support new students in admission

    •  Camp

    Burn It Up Camp

    • Voluntary events

    Nang Xuan voluntary project in 2023

    • Hugo Football Cup


    Hugo Champion Cup 2023 

    The Union offers to be a place for students to study and enhance their job skills over their years at the University, with interesting events and programs created by the Union that have appealed many students to engage actively and passionately.

    The Youth Union inter-chapter of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics will undoubtedly be the location to connect among students. This is also a location which makes their school years more meaningful. Additionally, working in a dynamic and creative union allows you to get additional experience and skills.