• Introduction - Research Areas

    The Faculty of Statistics and Informatics aims to become one of the leading departments in research and educational activities in the field of applied information technology (IT) in business and management. Our faculty members and students are actively involved in both academic and applied research, contributing to creating new knowledge and solving practical problems.

    The research interest of the faculty covers major areas of statistics and applied IT:

    • Business Intelligence
    • Management information system
    • Data mining
    • AI, machine learning
    • Simulation
    • Applied statistics in business and economics

    In particular, lecturers of our faculty have academic studies published in international journals and proceedings that are indexed in ISI/Scopus databases.

    To improve academic qualifications and update new research models and methodologies in this fields, faculty reading group organizes monthly academic sessions on new IT technology trends or models. These events provide an opportunity for lecturers to update and develop their research ideas.

    We co-organized the National Conference on Applied Statistic and Informatics NCASI in 2016; the 2nd International Conference on human-centered artificial intelligence (Computing4Human-2021) in 2021, the 4th National Conference Modern Math - Statistics Tools: Theory and Applications in 2022. These conferences all focus on modern research topics and applications of information technology, mathematical and statistical tools in economics and business.