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    In the progress to achieve the primary goal of becoming a research-oriented university by 2020, the University of Economics – University of Da Nang (DUE) has been investing in building up an academic environment step by step, enabling all lecturers to involve in scientific research activities at national and international levels. With the staff of leading experts in economics and management, last year, DUE continued to lead the way in bidding research projects and consulting for local authorities amongst all University of Da Nang’s member schools.

    During the period of management transition, DUE has always been selected to execute practical studies ordered by different provincial authorities. As a result, DUE’s prestige in society is raising and university’s training courses are also increasingly linking to realities of Viet Nam’s economy simultaneously.

    The launch of new research room

    DUE’s lecturers participate in researches funded by State budgets, classifying into: state-level research, ministry-level research, province-level research, university-level research. In the academic year 2020-2021, our lecturers signed and implemented a total of 44 research projects, including: 05 projects at state-level or funded by NAFOSTED (total fund 4324 million VND), 03 ministry-level projects (total fund 1120 million VND), 23 projects managed and funded by UD (total fund 3170 million VND), another 13 projects managed and funded by DUE (total fund 360 million VND). 

    Some typical projects of DUE:

    -   State-level project “Assess the impact of free trade agreements to economic structure and identify the sector with development advantages in Viet Nam economic structure”, main coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Toan.

    -   State-level project “The impact of media news on stock liquidity and stock price informatives, and the role of country-level institutional environment” funded by NAFOSTED, main coordinator: PhD. Dang Tung Lam.


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