DUE students with great academic achievements won scholarships to study in the US


The dream of studying abroad came true when Nguyen Thai Hoang, class 46K.QT of the international regular program, started a new semester at Ball State University, Indiana, USA under the 2+2 program with a scholarship of 12,000. USD/year.

At the end of the 12th grade, Thai Hoang searched the training program of the University of Economics, University of Danang. Realizing that the international regular program is a formal training program that transfers to the last 2 years (form 2+2) or the last 1 year (form 3+1) at partner universities abroad, so Thai Hoang registered to study this program. "The special feature of this program is that it saves money, can study abroad and doesn't have to re-study university from the beginning when studying abroad," Hoang said.

Nguyen Thai Hoang at Ball State University

Because of his interest in learning things related to numbers and calculations, from the very beginning when choosing Accounting, Thai Hoang's ability to absorb was quite fast and he achieved very good academic results. During the process of studying the international regular program at DUE, Hoang has gained more vocabulary as well as using English in the classroom, which has helped him to be more confident in communicating with foreigners. In particular, with outstanding academic achievement, average GPA of 4 semesters reaching 3.82, Duolingo score of 110 and SAT score of 1,310, Thai Hoang excellently won a scholarship at Ball State University in Indiana, USA under the 2+2 program with a scholarship of 12,000 USD/year covering living expenses, tuition fees, housing costs, health insurance and other expenses.

Starting the first semester in the US from January 2023, Thai Hoang began to get acquainted with the new environment, new friends and especially knowledge and culture of the US. Talking about his new life in the US, Hoang confided: "Life here is quite comfortable, there is not much pressure in terms of time because mainly I have to study by myself, search on the internet and read books to understand what's teachers teach in class. If I still have questions, I can go directly to the lecturer's office or make an appointment for a zoom meeting to ask questions that are still unclear, the lecturers are always ready to help”. In addition to school hours, Hoang also participates in many clubs of the University. There are many clubs, all disciplines have their own clubs. This is also a place for students to expand their relationships with fellow students in the same industry as well as connect with companies for internship programs. Ball State University in Indiana has a very large campus and a lot of part-time jobs at the school. “I just got a part-time job for a center on February 28. Working part-time on campus helps me have both living expenses and moving time, "said Hoang.

Ball State University Sports Ground

Thai Hoang is also a sports enthusiast, especially soccer and badminton. Hoang said: "Having to balance between study and physical exercise to have a better life, and sometimes playing sports will help me feel less sad when studying in US - where far away from my home."

To achieve high results in learning and training, Thai Hoang always has a sense of learning. The secret to Thai Hoang's high academic achievement is very simple: I often watch the lesson before going to class so I can keep up with the teacher's teaching speed and I always take notes of important points. Then when I get home, I always go over the lesson again, add in the missing ideas and highlight the headings so that they can be easily found later when reviewing for the test. About 2-3 days before the test, I review the chapters I have studied with homework, class exercises and examples given by the teacher during the lecture. And what lesson should I grasp that day, it will help me study well and save more time.

Being quite a perfectionist, thorough in all activities, that's why when choosing a school, choosing a major, Hoang researches it thoroughly. Hoang's school selection criteria are high ranking, scholarship policy, learning environment and student friendliness. “I feel proud to be a DUE student. I am very grateful to the University of Economics, University of Danang for providing me with useful knowledge so that I can confidently continue to realize my dream of studying abroad”, Hoang confidently shared.

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