A DUE student win a scholarship worth £5000 from Hull University


Overcoming many "heavyweight" competitors, Hoang Van Nam - a student of K45QT of the International Regular Program has excellently won the only international scholarship for Vietnamese students at Hull University, UK. In order to achieve this achievement, right from the first year, Nam learned about the international education environment and set a goal of studying abroad for himself.

Stemming from the desire to pursue Finance after transferring to the UK, specifically Risk Finance, Hoang Van Nam boldly applied for a scholarship from Hull University. Courage and luck came to Nam when his dream came true, Nam confided: "My feelings right now are still indescribable because a scholarship worth 50% of the tuition fee is something that means a lot to the long-term study abroad path. This scholarship will help me reduce financial pressure to focus on studying as well as maximize my experience in a foreign environment. At the same time, it is also the pride of a Da Nang person to win such a wonderful scholarship.”

Sharing the secret when building a scholarship profile, Nam happily said: My secret is encapsulated in one word "active". Active in learning. Actively participate in extracurricular activities. Be proactive in everything, especially taking the initiative to seize opportunities for myself. Building a scholarship profile, I think, is a very long process because academic and extra-curricular achievements cannot be conquered overnight, but I have to have a specific strategy to step by step make my scholarship dream come true.

Hull University's scholarship process is quite "tense" and competitive with many excellent competitors. Nam always thinks that talent is not enough, but needs a little luck because there are many people out there who are better than him. First, Nam will have to submit 3 essays equivalent to 3 questions posed by the university, these questions are simple at first, but when writing, Nam had to spend a lot of time researching, selecting ideas, weighing reminding, and refining over and over again a lot. The difficulty of this paragraph is to use selective, short, and concise language, but it must fully describe the content that needs to be presented in a maximum of 250 words.

Studying abroad is Nam's dream when he was in high school, but to study abroad on his own right from year 1 is very expensive, so Nam thought why not study Internationally at DUE for 2 years and then study the last 2 years in transfer school?! This has both helped Nam have many perspectives on training between the West and Vietnam as well as saving quite a bit of money for the family. At the same time, Nam wants to take advantage of the opportunity to study for 2 years at an International Regular School so that he can choose a major after transferring. As an opportunity to "open the way" Nam came to the international regular program and his dream of studying abroad also came true.

Nam's achievements today are the clearest proof of his serious attitude as well as his daring to act to achieve his dreams. As a rather meticulous and perfectionist person, each choice of Nam has standards and careful consideration. Based on 3 criteria: (1) quality of training content, (2) career opportunities, and (3) student life, Nam has decided to choose DUE as an environment to build his knowledge baggage for the future. Through careful choices and with the goal of pursuing a career in finance, Nam was determined to win a scholarship worth £5,000, which is directly reduced tuition fees for a whole year of study, which is the perfect destination for him. In addition to these £5000 scholarships, Nam also received a scholarship for Hull's partners from £2000/year. This is a regular scholarship that the partner side grants to Hull.

As a student of an international regular program at DUE, the process of studying this program has helped Nam have certain knowledge and skills. “Fortunately, the international regular program is designed to expose students to specialized subjects from the first year. This helps me to realize which subjects I like and which subjects I don't like. In addition, the program emphasizes a balance between academic and practical. Students have the opportunity to meet "guest speakers" to share so that they have a more realistic 'perspective'. It is these things that help me gain the confidence needed to win a scholarship to save as much as possible on study abroad costs”, Hoang Van Nam confided.

Behind the success of this excellent student, it is impossible not to mention the support and educational environment from the International Regular Program and the DUE community. What the International Regular Program aims to do is not only create opportunities for students to gain valuable scholarships and tickets to prestigious universities abroad but also professionalism and positive energy to motivate students to try. The journey to conquer the dream of studying abroad is indeed not easy, wish Nam always be firm and achieve good achievements on the path he has chosen.

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