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  • Short-term training courses


    Time and venue: Every semester at G301, G Building.
    The name of lecturer:
    Ms. Michie Mori.
    The aim of the course: To understand the Japanese culture by experiencing real Japanese arts in the classroom.
    Course content: We will first learn outline of Japanese geography and history, then learn the traditional culture which has a significant impact on business customs and business communication in Japan.  The lecturer will explain about the tea ceremony and talk about the sweets used in tea ceremonies and flower arrangement, and demonstrate these arts in the classroom.  We will also learn Japanese art including manga and traditional craftworks in Japan. In the course, we compare the Japanese and the Vietnamese culture to consider the features of the both cultures.
    Teaching language: Japanese and English.
    Grading: Attendance and report.

    Course Schedule: 

    1. Introduction to Japanese culture by noh theater music and kimono dressing.
    2. Japanese geography and history.
    3. Japanese modern history.
    4. Japanese customs and yearly events.
    5. Tea culture: The history of tea culture and the role of tea ceremony in the Japanese culture.
    6. Japanese sweets (1): Japanese sweets developed with tea ceremonies.
    7. Japanese sweets (2): Sweets for different sessions and regions, and modern sweets.
    8. Japanese cuisine: Traditional cuisine.
    9. Flowers (1): The history of Kado (flower arrangement) in Japan and the favourite flowers.
    10. Flowers (2): Tourist attractions of flowers in Japan.
    11. Manga (1): Origin of manga in Japanese art history.
    12. Manga (2): Manga and animation of modern Japan.
    13. Arts and Crafts: Characteristics of Japan manufacturing. We will focus on the lacquer ware in Japan.
    14. Kyoto City: the cultural capital city of Japan.