• Information for exchange programs



    Dear Prospective International Students,

    If you come from one of the numerous partner universities of the DUE you can spend a semester or an academic year in Danang. Please apply first at your home university. Your home university may request additional qualification for the exchange places.


    Most of our courses are offered in Vietnamese with a number of courses delivered in English for the high quality program classes. Please contact our international cooperation specialist for list of English courses via email address interrelations@due.edu.vn. To be able to enroll in those English-speaking classes, you need good knowledge of English (IELTS 5.5. or equivalent).

    If you intend to follow Vietnamese course, a certificate (B2) is needed. 


    Assessment and grading will be done using the DUE’s grading system, which will be a 4.0 scale. A final transcript will show the grades earned in the various modules/courses. The transcript may also show the equivalent grades in the home university’s grading system, if possible. DUE does not guarantee transferability of course credits which have not been pre-approved in writing.


    After receiving all final grades, a student will receive an official transcript and/or a certificate of participation. Copies of these documents will be sent to the home university for the actual recognition of credits or degrees.


    For semester exchange programs:

     April 01 for applications for the fall semester (same year)

    October 01 for applications for the spring semester (following year)

    For short courses: Specific deadlines are updated on the DUE website. Please contact us at interrelations@due.edu.vn for further details.



      • Step 1. Check with your home institution about the requirements of the exchange program. We accept only students nominated by their home institution. After being nominated, applicants need to prepare the application files with the following documents.

      (1) DUE application form (Download here)

      (2) Academic Transcript

      (3) Copy of passport

      (4)  Studentship certificate issued by home university

      (5) English Language Certificate (IELTS 5.5, TOEFL iBT 65 or equivalent)

      (6) Learning Agreement or Training Agreement (Only for Eramus students)

      (Students from native English speaking countries or studying in English taught programs in home university do not have to submit English certificates)

      • Step 2. Submit the completed application form and additional documents to your study abroad office (deadlines set by home university)
      • Step 3. Home university sends selected applicants’ documents to DUE
      • Step 4. DUE sends letter of acceptance to qualified candidates via email to home university (within 2 weeks after deadlines)
      • Step 5. Students apply for student visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Further support from DUE will be provided at this step.

      Upon the arrival, please bring the hard copies of the above documents and following papers with you to the International Relations Office for the enrollment:

      1.    Passport, copy of passport

      2.    02 passport sized photos

      3.    General Medical/Health Certificate (issued by a hospital, if applicable)

      4.    Health insurance for international students (obtained before arrival)