Work-based learning is actually a model that Marketing students (University of Economics - The University of Da Nang) have early been accessing to take shape of knowledge, job skills from real situations in order to shorten the gap between employees and recruiters.

To prepare for the fashion show under the theme of "Le Festin", 12 groups of Marketing seniors started from the market research to identify opportunities and grasp customer demand, thereby position the fashion style which would be appropriate for the brand. As Her - one of the fashion brand of fashion show, they bring swimsuit fashion so as to express confidence and personality to all girls. Even though these girls have the standard in body or not, swimsuit fashion from Her is designed to conceal disadvantages and acclaim girls' body.

Meanwhile, ALIEN team made a collection based on the image of "aliens" with the desire of bringing a whole-hearted lifestyle to encourage an ideal of living for oneself through the diversity of fashion products which are colorful and can show the difference and modern.

According to ALIEN team, even if you go against the crowd, or are considered to be abnormal, just feel confident with ALIEN slogan "I'M NOT WEIRD, YOU'RE SIMPLE!". Students also have to find and conduct creative activities by themselves from the available materials to create unique outfits, design the brand identity and it is important to find methods to engage targeted customers as well as sell products through proper communication policies and marketing strategies. The fashion show, therefore, is not only an interesting playground but it is also an opportunity for Marketing students applying the knowledge of marketing and brand management into the real business environment. 

Le Hoang Thao Nguyen, a senior of class 41K12.2, shared: "For us, fashion show is not only the meaningful and realistic competition, but it is also an environment that helps students apply the knowledge they have learned, from reconizing market demand, choosing approriate products, choosing effective strategies to reach the market, developing resonable production plan, and caculating the effectiveness of plan. Each group also has to conduct the communication plan for their products through fanpage and get the award for this field”.  "In order to complete the project, it is necessary to synthesize the knowledge of many subjects. This is also an opportunity for us to practice and accumulate soft skills, especially application skills in society", Thao Nguyen said. 

Students at Fashion show of Faculty of Marketing, DUE 

Nearly every course of Faculty of Marketing, students almost have the opportunity to be participated in some projects to interact in real-life situations. For example from many contest such as fashion show, the session of new product introduction with the participation of evaluating from many businesses, students have more opportunities to practice job skills as well as application skills. 

As the module of Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing, Faculty of Marketing has organized a communication contest for a traffic safety (Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2018) with the participation of International Foundation AIP (Asia Injury Prevention). The presentative of AIP played a role of both customers and judges of the competition, they evaluated and selected excellent communication ideas which are in accordance with the practical requirement of organization.

Contestants must present their ideas and communication plan with the skill of analyzing communication situation, the skill of understanding the targeted audience in recognizing the vision and developing the idea. Thereby, students can use creativity in creating unique, impressive and appropriate communication plan to solve practical communication problems of customers.

Therefore, Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2018 is not only a contest to find the winner but it also helps Marketing students to challenge themselves, apply their academic knowledge into creativity as well as express their ability through unique, fresh and meaningful communication ideas.

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