Discussion about Teaching methods of 2 module, Marketing Management and Principles of Marketing


With the aim of constantly enhancing teaching quality for lecturers, faculty of Marketing has been organized group reading sessions regularly to create opportunities for lecturers to share teaching experience to improve academic learning and pedagogical techniques.


In the morning of June 22nd, with the discussion topic of teaching methods of 2 modules: Marketing Management and Principles of Marketing, on behalf of Marketing department, Ph.D. Đinh Thị Lệ Trâm, has gone deeply in presenting and analyzing the differences in the education programs of the two modules, the limitation in content of both modules and discussing about teaching method for each module. There were numerous constructive comments given by lecturers based on their teaching experience. The session therefore had gone smoothly and actively, it helps to contribute meaningful conclusions to guide specific action thinking in teaching these two modules.

Ph.D. Đinh Thị Lệ Trâm

Beside discussing teaching methods of 2 modules namely Marketing Management and Principles of Marketing, the reading group session also spent time on handing out evaluation and guiding young lecturers with teaching methods and pedagogical techniques when teaching the Principles of Marketing classes. This is a such a great chance for them to receive constructive comments from the experienced pioneers to complete their teaching capability, form their own teaching style.





The reading group session lasted till 12:00.