Completing academic course evaluating method with rubric


The rubric is known widely as an effective tool in evaluating learning result of learners. It is currently popular in many countries. The rubric is used to build the evaluating criteria in all of the academic levels as well as different exercise types of learners and support specific evaluation of university student’s learning quality through different tests. Understanding the importance of Rubric well, faculty of Marketing has just organized group reading activities in order to complete educating evaluation through investing in Rubric in different subjects. This is one of the practical activities organized by the faculty of Marketing that shows the determination in enhance learning efficiency for Marketing course. It will becompleted in content and learning method in order to help Faculty reach the goal of International training standards.

During the session, Ph.D. Ngô Thị Khuê Thư – Associate Dean of Marketing Faculty – shared some in-depth thoughts about the role of Rubric for lecturer and students in improving teaching and learning quality. She insisted onbuilding a Rubric will help lecturers evaluate results of students based on the established criteria. Besides, when students are informed about Rubric for an exercise, they will know more about the lecturer’s expectation in the scoring criteria, therefore, students can have a more specific guidance to complete their task more efficiently.

Ph.D. Ngô Thị Khuê Thư – Associate Dean of Marketing Faculty 

During the discussion, the current Rubric and Assessment methods of the modules taught by the Faculty of Marketing are also debated to evaluate and communicate objectively, thereby highlighting the advantages and disadvantages at the present, thus, it is available to provide comments on building specific directions to improve and develop for a better quality assessment. 

It is expected that by the end of November 2018, the Faculty of Marketing will focus resources, determination to build successful and complete Rubric for all the modules, for all types of exercises and various exams: orals, presentations, group projects, personal assignments,... Hopefully, with the efforts of the Faculty of Marketing teachers in improving the assessment method, in the future, the evaluation of learning results and also student assignments scores will be more scientific, transparent, fair and detailed, enhancing learning motivation for learners and promoting the overall development of the curriculum.