Call for Learning promotion funds


- Valued agencies, departments, unions, social organizations, businesses
- Lecturers , Alumni, Students of Faculty of Marketing 
Marketing training program was established in 2001, formerly known as Marketing major of the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics - University of Danang. Until now there have been 16 cohort in Marketing, participating in the labor market and making important contributions to the development of Danang city in particular and Vietnam in general.
Marketing students in the past years have always achieved many outstanding achievements in learning, participating actively in activities in the university and in society. In addition, many typical students have achieved national and international scientific research awards. In the 2019 academic year, the Faculty of Marketing is proud to be one of the TOP 3 Faculty with the university's entrance benchmark, with many good students achieving high scores. Among these excellent students, many of them have very difficult economic conditions, but they can overcome the situation and achieve high achievements in study and graduation with a good certification. In order to promptly encourage the studious students of the Faculty of Marketing. The Faculty of Marketing  calls that Bodies, Agencies, Unions, Social Organizations, Enterprises, Donors; Teachers, Alumni, Students of the Faculty of Marketing, with their golden hearts, jointly set up a learning promotion fund for the Faculty of Marketing.

Through this, the Faculty of Marketing also wants to contribute to accompany and  timely empower for Marketing students to be more motivated, more confident in their career paths. We arepleased to acknowledge your contribution to the "Marketing Learning Promotion Fund - University of Economics, University of Danang". Besides, the Faculty of Marketing would like to ensure that the fund is used for the right purpose effectively, publicly and transparently.
All contributions please contact MSc. Nguyen Minh Tam. Phone: 02363525358, Email: tamnm@due.edu.vn