Program specification - 2015-2016

Program specification - 2016-2017

Program specification - 2017-2018

Program specification - 2018-2019

Program specification - 2019-2020

Program specification - 2020-2021

Program specification - 2023-2024



The Marketing Training Program Specification is designed to provide key information about the Training Program for students, alumni, academic staff of the university and the future recruiters.The Marketing Training Program Specification focuses on introducing important information such as philosophy, mission, vision of DUE and FOM, Program objectives (POs) and expected learning outcomes (ELOs) students achieve after learning process, career and studying opportunities after graduation, entry criteria, training, graduation requirements, teaching and learning strategies, assessment methods, score system, learning structure and route, summary of the modules for learner to visualize the learning process to achieve POs and ELOs.

For freshmen, the information provided in this document will be applied to current academic year.

Information about Training Program Specification will be provided on FOM Website:

https://due.udn.vn/vi-vn/khoa/marketing (Vietnamese)

http://due.udn.vn/en-us/marketing (English)

If readers have any question regarding the program, please contact us via: +84 0236 2525358.