Final of Data Got Talent 2023: Playground for Talented Data Analysts


After 5 months of initiation and through rounds of competition, on April 20th, the Data Got Talent competition officially held its final round with the participation of the 7 most outstanding teams. Attending the final round were representatives from the leadership of the Department of Information and Communications of Da Nang City: Mr. Tran Ngoc Thach - Deputy Director of the Department, and representatives from the leadership of accompanying units and enterprises. From the University of Economics, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Thi Hong Hanh - Vice-Rector of the University - Head of the Organizing Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Quang Tri - Head of the Department of E-commerce - Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee, along with numerous lecturers, and students from the University of Economics as well as other universities in Da Nang City.

In the welcoming speech at the final round of the competition, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Thi Hong Hanh stated that the competition not only plays a role in knowledge sharing but also provides an opportunity for contestants to practice data analysis skills, use tools effectively, and transform data into useful information to address real-world issues. With the success of the competition, young talents passionate about data analysis will gain valuable experiences, thereby helping the business community develop practical solutions through data.

The seven teams that excelled through the competition rounds to reach the final included: BUGS, Introvert Team, SYNCH, HCT, PENTAGON, ECOBYTE, and NLP TEAM. These are all talented young data analysts who surpassed the preliminary rounds to compete in the final round, both in-person and online. Here, the teams were presented with a real-world issue and a preliminary data file by the Organizing Committee. The teams had to search for and collect necessary data sets from various sources to solve this problem. They were also questioned by the judging panel on their problem-solving approaches. This required the ability to understand and grasp suitable data sources, process and analyze data to provide specific solutions and proposals for the presented problem.

After 4 hours of spirited competition, the Judging Panel identified the most outstanding faces at Data Got Talent 2023:

●       First Prize: BUGS

●       Second Prize: ECOBYTE

●       Third Prize: Introvert Team

●       Encouragement Prizes: NLP Team, HCT

●       Prospective Prize: SYNCH, PENTAGON

Outstanding team award of the Data - Driven Business round

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Thi Hong Hanh, representing the Organizing Committee, presented the Prospective Prize of the Data-Driven Business round to the PENTAGON team.

The teams received the Prospective Prize at the Data Got Talent competition.

The Encouragement Prize was awarded to NLP Team, HCT.

Introvert Team won the Third Prize in the competition.

The runner-up of the competition belongs to the ECOBYTE team.

The champion of Data Got Talent 2023: BUGS.

The Organizing Committee awarded certificates, commendations, and prizes worth a total of 50,000,000 VND to the teams. Data Got Talent concluded with well-deserved rewards for talented young data analysts. It is hoped that through this competition, students will be able to enhance their data analysis skills and continue to fuel their passion for data in the future. Data Got Talent 2023 ended successfully and gracefully!

Data Got Talent 2023 has ended successfully!

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