Thanh Nien News 2024 Exam Counseling Program in Da Nang: Informative and Attractive for Candidates


On the morning of February 25, the Young People Newspaper's 2024 Exam Counseling Program officially kicked off at Phan Chau Trinh High School (Da Nang) with the participation of nearly 5000 high school students in the city. During the opening session of the 2024 Exam Counseling Program, students were provided with official information from the Ministry of Education and Training regarding the high school graduation exam and university admissions. The program also covered information about professions, employment opportunities, and career prospects, addressing some questions from candidates about admissions and university studies. The DUE Arts Team presented a lively dance performance titled "Youth Waves," bringing excitement and dynamism to the young participants of the #2K6 team, showcasing the vibrant, creative, and passionate environment of DUE youth!

The "Youth Waves" performance stirred the atmosphere of the program

In attendance at the program, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Ngoc Phi Anh – Vice-Rector of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang, also received numerous direct questions from the candidates. Regarding inquiries about the university's on-site study abroad programs, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Ngoc Phi Anh mentioned that the university is currently admitting candidates for the international Bachelor's program with an IELTS score of 5.5 or a TOEFL iBT score of 46 and above. This on-site study program is chosen by many parents and students, offering transfer options like 2+2, 3+1, and partnerships with reputable global partners such as Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), City University of Seattle (USA), Heriot-Watt University (UK), Lincoln University (New Zealand), and more. Additionally, for the two regular programs in International Business and Marketing, candidates also have the option to study entirely in English if they meet the required language proficiency conditions.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Ngoc Phi Anh provided valuable information about the university's admission plan

Furthermore, the representatives from the University of Economics also introduced a new feature in the university's admissions for 2024: the integration of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) international professional certificate into the Audit Bachelor's program. Graduates will have global employment opportunities in the auditing profession with this international certification.

DUE teachers always accompany candidates

The dynamic counseling activities at the University of Economics' admission booth involved counselors and university professors advising on the university's admission methods. Specifically, in 2024, the University of Economics will stabilize its admission plan with five admission methods: (1) Direct Admission, (2) Admission based on Academic Achievement & Foreign Language Proficiency, (3) Admission based on High School Academic Achievement, (4) Admission based on the 2024 Competency Assessment Exam organized by Ho Chi Minh City National University, and (5) Admission based on the results of the 2024 High School Graduation Exam. Admission information is regularly updated on the university's Admission Counseling Information Portal: http://tuyensinh.due.udn.vn/.

Vibrant counseling activities at the University of Economics' counseling booth

In addition, lecturers from various departments provided in-depth counseling on choosing suitable majors based on students' abilities and interests. Employment opportunities for various majors were also introduced to the #2K6 team, helping them envision future careers. Especially in the context of digital transformation, some majors at DUE that attracted the attention of the #2K6 team included Financial Technology, Data Science, Digital Business, E-commerce, Information Systems Management, and Digital Marketing, among others.

The 2024 Exam Counseling Program, organized by Young People’s Newspaper, will continue on the coming Sunday (March 3) at Sky-line Hill International School (Dien Ban, Quang Nam). Don't miss out on valuable information about admissions as well as opportunities to meet and consult with professors from DUE!

Accompanying the future of the #2K6 candidates!

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