Interesting Experiential Tour at DUE for International Students


On the afternoon of December 14, the University of Economics, University of Da Nang, warmly welcomed 107 international students for a tour to explore the learning environment in the Career Orientation Program for International Students. This activity aims to provide international students with information to choose their majors and educational institutions, offering a comprehensive view of the training programs and support policies for international students at the University of Economics, University of Da Nang – a school with a diverse community of international students experiencing various exciting learning opportunities.

Welcoming the exchange students to visit the University of Economics, Mr. Tran Quoc Hung, Head of the Student Affairs Department, expressed solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and Laos. The University of Economics, University of Da Nang, has welcomed many international students from Laos over the years. The university actively develops attractive scholarship policies for Laos students to encourage friendship and connections between Vietnamese and Laos students. Additionally, the university provides the most favorable conditions in terms of infrastructure, equipment, and learning and living conditions for students to participate in professional and immersive learning experiences.

Mr. Tran Quoc Hung - Head of the Student Affairs Department welcomes the international students

Mr. Tran Quoc Hung presents flowers to the representative of international students

The Career Orientation Program for International  Students is an opportunity for these students to expand their understanding of various diverse fields at the University of Economics, explore their own potential, and make informed decisions to choose the right university, develop better in their careers, and contribute positively to the development of their homeland in the future.

Representatives from university departments introduced the fields of study, training levels, scholarship policies, and tuition fees, as well as the learning environment at the University of Economics. Excitement about the attractive training programs offered by the university prompted many international students to ask questions, eager to exchange and learn more about the institution.

Representatives from departments answer questions for international  students regarding majors, training levels, and scholarship policies

International students socialize with faculty members

At the end of the program, international students toured the campus, lecture halls, practical facilities, and international student dormitories with the Youth Union of the university. The experiential session, characterized by the spirit of exchange, learning, and sharing, left a profound impact and valuable lessons. Furthermore, international students and university students engaged in cultural exchange, learning more about the cultures of both countries and fostering closer relationships.

University representatives and international students take commemorative photos

International students explore the campus lecture halls

International students visit the international student dormitory area

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