Young People's Newspaper: Young Associate Professor Declines Overseas Opportunities, Chooses to Contribute to the Homeland


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dat (35 years old), working at the Faculty of Banking, University of Economics (University of Da Nang), has recently been honored with the title of Associate Professor by the State Council for Professor Titles in 2023.

Returning to Contribute to the Country after Studying Abroad

As a former student of Le Quy Don High School (Da Nang City), Dat achieved remarkable success. After graduating from high school, he pursued his studies at the University of Science and Technology (Da Nang). A year later, following his family's guidance, Dat went to Australia to study economics at La Trobe University.

Upon completing his undergraduate program with outstanding results, Dat was directly admitted to the Ph.D. program. By the end of 2015, he earned his Ph.D. from La Trobe University. Despite having numerous opportunities to work abroad, Dat chose to return to Vietnam to contribute and work at the University of Economics (University of Da Nang). Sharing his decision, Dat said, "Firstly, it was the wish of my family, and secondly, I wanted to contribute to my homeland."


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dat recently awarded the title of Associate Professor by the State Council for Professor Titles at the age of 35

After years of active contributions to research, Dat has been recently awarded the title of associate professor. He shared, "It is a long-term preparation process. The title of associate professor is an important milestone recognizing my efforts and dedication over the years. It will also be a motivation for me to strive even harder in research and teaching."

The young associate professor is well aware of the importance of scientific research, emphasizing its urgency in creating contributions, proposing new methods, and results closely related to practicality. Dat expresses his hope that his innovations will be applied and contribute to solving real-life issues.

Recognized achievements in numerous research projects

To date, Dat has completed three scientific research projects from the grassroots level and above. Additionally, he has published 32 scientific papers, including 14 in prestigious international journals.

Sharing his recent research directions, Dat stated, "I pursue three main research directions: fiscal and monetary policies; the impact of risk on the stock market and the financial decision-making process of companies; and the operations of banks."

Speaking about his most cherished research topic, Dat mentioned "Running Out of Bank Runs," published in the Journal of Financial Services Research. He explained, "This research explores the behavior of bank depositors and their motivations when withdrawing money. From this, I can suggest policy implications on how banks can prevent a mass withdrawal of funds. Although I was not the main author of this research, due to the effort I put in and its high practical applicability, I am very proud of it."

Dat (second from the right) has made significant contributions to scientific and technological activities

The young associate professor also advised: "Young people who want to pursue scientific research need to have a strong foundation and understand the research methods. These things need to be formed early in the learning process and practiced through reading documents. For example, when reading a scientific publication, he encourages to have critical thinking and analyze the work's good aspects and limitations. In addition, it is also necessary to have an attitude of inquiry, perseverance, observation and a way of looking at problems to generate new research ideas."

Dr. Dat has directly supervised seven successful master's thesis defenses. In 2022, Dat was honored with the title of Young Teacher at the National level by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Aside from his significant contributions to research and teaching, Dat is also an enthusiastic, responsible Secretary of the Youth Union, unafraid to take initiative. Engaged in Youth Union activities since 2016, Dat has initiated various movements, urging young people to promote their proactive spirit and volunteerism.

Sharing his future plans, the young associate professor stated that he would continue to actively fulfill his duties, create useful movements for students, and maintain and improve research projects.

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