“The prestige of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang today is the result of the efforts and nurturing of many generations”


"Fostering traditions - Stepping firmly into the future" is a principle that all generations of officials, staff, and thousands of students at the University of Economics - University of Da Nang have always remembered and implemented over the past 48 years. It is a tradition that the university preserves and promotes the beautiful values ​​formed, built, and developed from the early stages. This tradition is the guiding thread for today's generation to continue to develop the achievements of previous generations. Let's listen to the sharing across generations to enhance pride in the contributions of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang to the cause of education and training.

Mr. Nguyen Phien - Former Rector of the Da Nang University of Economics (1985 - 1988)

In the early days of establishment, the university lacked everything, lacked water for daily life, all relying on a pump in the main building. Classrooms were insufficient, lacking desks and chairs, even boards were missing, and the doors were rudimentary. Financial resources were difficult, but colleagues made every effort without complaints. All teachers would come at 5 p.m. to plant vegetables, collect water hyacinths to feed pigs, dive to collect mud for fertilizer, go to the mountains to collect garbage and bring back leaves to boil. At that time, whatever the state provided, they made use of it.

Despite the difficulties, the older generation of teachers still took on the responsibility of teaching, preparing the young lecturers for the future. Now, the team of teachers at the university has matured, and with their qualifications, the current generation of students will undoubtedly be of high quality.

After several changes, from initially being just a department of the Danang University of Science and Technology, then becoming a separate branch, and up to now, the University of Economics has truly grown and developed. Although it matured later, the spirit of unity among the teachers and students has always been high, which is why the university has developed in many aspects as it is today.

Mr. Nguyen Phien has many emotions when recalling the early days of the establishment of the University of Economics

Looking back at the development of the university brings me many emotions. My first emotion is happiness, and I trust all the leaders of the university, the teachers, and my colleagues. I believe in the quality of the students that the university trains, providing a high-quality workforce for the country. The teaching staff has developed rapidly; most teachers have a master's or doctoral degree, and there is a large number of associate professors and professors, whereas, during our time, we only had five colleagues with a doctoral degree. Now, the teaching staff is hundreds of times stronger. Among them, there are very young teachers who demonstrate excellent talent.

The current leaders of the university are all young teachers but are strong in the face of the challenges of the country's development as well as the development of the university. This strength comes from believing in their team, trusting in the solidarity of colleagues, and creating a source of strength – that is the second emotion I want to express.

Furthermore, the university has been expanding its international relations with many prestigious universities. In foreign relations, the university has achieved positive results, contributing to the increasingly solid development of the institution.

For students, I am very pleased to say that every cohort has produced students with solid professional qualifications, including those who have become key leaders in state agencies at the local and central levels. This can be said that the quality of education and training at the university has been recognized by society.

A few thoughts and emotions about the early days of establishment and a welcoming message for the strong and sustainable development of the university. I wish the teachers, students, and staff good health, united efforts, and strive to rise to prominence nationally, regionally, and globally.

Mr. Ngo Ha Tan - Former Vice Rector of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang (2006 - 2014)

In the first ten years after its establishment, the most obvious difficulty was the lack of infrastructure - a severe shortage, and the living income of teachers was low, making it challenging to cope. After 1990, a new era opened up for the state's economy, and the university also underwent changes. More classes were opened, the living standards of lecturers gradually improved, and after that, the teaching facilities of the university continued to improve.

Mr. Ngo Ha Tan is excited about the university's strong development today

In the difficult early days, many teachers pondered about sticking with the teaching profession. However, due to their love and dedication to the profession, they overcame many hardships. Despite the difficulties, everyone had faith in a brighter future. Our Accounting department and colleagues made every effort to complete the tasks assigned by the university and always looked forward. Everyone had to focus on their studies, especially foreign languages. Therefore, when expanding relations with other countries, we already have the language skills to study abroad. The Accounting Department was also one of the pioneering departments to study abroad to bring back new knowledge, especially knowledge suitable for market mechanisms, contributing to the university's best possible development. From there, the university's teaching staff developed rapidly, and standardized to meet the university's teaching responsibilities - it was truly a remarkable development. Since its establishment, the teaching staff was very limited, and most had no academic titles. Now, the Accounting department, in particular, and the university, in general, have almost 50% of lecturers with doctoral degrees. The improvements are also evident in infrastructure; from old and shabby classrooms, the facilities are now modern and well-equipped. Looking back at the university's strong and rapid development, I believe that everyone is excited, not just me.

In my opinion, every profession needs to be valued, and the key is to devote oneself wholeheartedly to the profession and place one's trust in the chosen career. I hope that the university will continue to maintain its current development and make even more significant efforts in the future. I wish the University of Economics - University of Da Nang continued prosperity and success on the path of development.

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