The University of Economics awarded 70 sets of tables and chairs and scholarships worth 20 million vnd to hoa bac commune


In support of the New Rural Development Program for the period of 2021-2025, the University of Economics, University of Danang, has donated 70 sets of desks and chairs to the Community Activity Center and awarded scholarships worth 20 million VND to students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Hoa Bac Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City on the afternoon of April 25. This meaningful initiative demonstrates the University of Economics, Danang University's special attention to the local community and students facing difficult circumstances in Hoa Bac Commune. These scholarships aim to motivate and encourage students to strive for academic excellence, personal development, and become responsible and valuable citizens contributing to society.

The program was attended by several representatives from the University of Economics, University of Danang, including Ms. Huynh Thi Hong Hanh - Vice Rector, Mr. Phan Kim Tuan - Head of the Organizational and Administrative Department, Chairman of the Trade Union, Associate Professor Hoang Tung - Head of the Infrastructure Department, Mr. Nguyen Chuong - Head of the Inspectorate and Legal Affairs Department, Mr. Nguyen Van Long - Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, Mr. Tran Xuan Quynh - Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Student Union. Representatives from Hoa Bac Commune included comrade Nguyen Ngung - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, comrade Thai Van Hoai Nam - Chairman of the People's Committee, and representatives from the village chiefs in the commune.

The University of Economics has the mission of being a research-oriented university, creating an advanced academic and humanistic environment to promote the discovery, application, and transfer of knowledge in economics, business, and management. It aims to provide a foundation for lifelong learning and success for learners, nurture and develop talents, and address socio-economic challenges to serve the prosperous development of the community. In addition to its educational and research activities, community service is one of the three important pillars pursued by the university.

Comrade Thai Van Hoai Nam expressed gratitude for the gesture by the University of Economics

As part of the National Target Program for New Rural Development in the period of 2021-2025, the University of Economics continues to accompany Hoa Vang District, particularly the People's Committee of Hoa Bac Commune. The university has donated 70 sets of desks and chairs for the Community Activity Center in the seven villages and awarded 20 scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. These acts of kindness reflect the goodwill and desire of the university's faculty, staff, and students to share with the people of Hoa Bac Commune.

Speaking at the gift-giving ceremony, Mr. Phan Kim Tuan stated that this event marks the beginning of the university's collaboration with the local community to fulfill the goals of the National Target Program for New Rural Development in the period of 2021-2025. The University of Economics believes that supporting the implementation of the program will improve the quality of life for the local residents. Therefore, the university aims to contribute to this program by supporting educational and training activities, as well as community mobilization in the commune and Hoa Vang District as a whole.

MSc. Phan Kim Tuan speaks at the gift giving ceremony for people in Hoa Bac commune

In the community service activities during the past period, the University is delighted and appreciative to have been working with Hoa Vang District in the New Rural Development Program since 2010. Throughout this journey, the University of Economics, Danang University, has made practical contributions to the district through activities aligned with its expertise, with a total budget of approximately 673.5 million VND. These contributions include providing entrepreneurship knowledge and job-seeking skills training for 250 unemployed youth in the district, stimulating and harnessing the enthusiasm and creativity of young intellectuals in achieving economic independence and self-employment. The university has organized training courses on community tourism, contributing to the establishment and formation of a professional community tourism workforce with proper training, promoting the natural beauty, people, culture, and traditions of Hoa Vang to visitors from near and far. Moreover, the university has conducted training courses and provided development opportunities for chief accountants who are administrative officers of units within the district, aiming to enhance accounting expertise, update and improve knowledge to better serve professional tasks. The University of Economics has also offered a course on management skills, graphic design, and website content management for nearly 80 participants who are civil servants and officials in the district. Furthermore, the university has provided support by donating functional used computers to Hoa Ninh Elementary School with a budget of 20 million VND.

Additionally, the university has completed a scientific research project on "Ensuring livelihoods for compensated households and resettlement" with a budget of 15 million VND. It has also carried out renovation and repair work on housing for Mr. Nguyen Van Du's family in Phu Son 1 hamlet, Hoa Khuong commune, with a budget of 43 million VND. Furthermore, two scholarships have been awarded to the children of poor veteran families in the district who are studying at Danang University. The university has mobilized and organized students to participate in the "Summer Volunteering" campaign, implementing the construction of a 200-meter concrete road in Dong Lam hamlet, Hoa Phu commune. Additionally, they have donated 10 gifts to underprivileged students and organized a cultural exchange night.

MSc. Phan Kim Tuan hands over 70 sets of tables and chairs to representatives of villages (on the left) and Dr. Huynh Thi Hong Hanh awarded scholarships to representatives of the Commune Study Promotion Association

University of Economics is committed to continue to accompany and cooperate with Hoa Bac Commune People's Committee in the next practical activities in the coming time

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