Da Nang newspaper: proud to be a Party member at the age of 18


Joining the Party in high schools is the pride and honor of 18-year-old Party members. Many of them are now students, always striving to train, cultivate and cherish their ambitions on the path of self-reliance, establish a career.

Tran Minh Quan, a 3rd year student, majoring in Business Administration is holding the position of Deputy Secretary of the Student Branch of the University of Economics (University of Danang). Minh Quan has 3 years of Party life. Quan was admitted to the Party when he was a student of grade 12, Chu Van An High School (Dai Loc District, Quang Nam Province). Quan said, like most high school students, he thought it would be very difficult to become a party member. “At the end of the 11th grade, I was invited by the teacher, the Secretary of the Union, to the office of the Union to discuss the issue of striving to be admitted to the Party. The teacher introduced me to read some stories about the examples of revolutionary soldiers who were party members at a very young age. These books, plus lessons from history, make me motivated to strive to become a party member," Quan shared.

For three years in high school, Quan was a class president, always active in collective activities and won high prizes in Olympic competitions, and excellent students at the provincial level in Physics. “My parents are not yet Party members, so when they heard that I was admitted to the Party, the whole family was very proud and happy. My 12th class had 2 students who were allowed to attend refresher classes to introduce themselves to the Party, but only I was eligible. Being the only young party member in a solemn Party admission ceremony, I feel pressured to live with my teachers. However, the guidance and protection of the teachers helped me grow up and avoid being surprised when I moved back to the Party's activities in the university environment," Minh Quan said.

Nguyễn Ngân Hà (bên phải) tham gia chương trình tình nguyện, tặng quà hỗ trợ cho gia đình có hoàn cảnh khó khăn. (Ảnh do nhân vật cung cấp)

Nguyen Ngan Ha (on the right) participates in the volunteering program, giving gifts to support families in difficult circumstances. (Photo provided by the character)

Similarly, Nguyen Ngan Ha, a student of the Faculty of International Business, is the youngest member of the Party living at the Student Branch, University of Economics. Ngan Ha was admitted to the Party when she had just completed the high school graduation exam in 2021. “Passing the 10th grade, listening to teachers talk about some of the previous classmates who were admitted to the Party when they were just 18 years old, with outstanding academic achievements and movement activities, I set myself a goal to strive for during my 3 years of high school", Ha said. Being in the lines of the Party, for Ngan Ha, it is both an honor and pride for herself to have continued the family tradition, as well as the result of the process of striving in both study and training.

During 3 years of high school at Nghi Loc 5 High School (Nghe An province), Nguyen Ngan Ha maintained a good student record. At many times, Ha both participated in fostering with a team of good students in Chemistry and was active in Union movements. At the same time, assisting the Secretary of the Youth Union in organizing the opening ceremony, art, extracurricular activities, congress program in the commune, physical training and sports events and participating in charity activities in school and local campaigns. In grade 12, Ngan Ha won a consolation prize in the competition for excellent students in Nghe An province in Chemistry. Ha is also one of the students with many achievements in physical education and sports competitions from district to provincial level with football, volleyball, etc.

With the results achieved, Ngan Ha was admitted to the Party from October 2022. The Gen Z member shared that becoming a young party member has helped her to have more mature and responsible thoughts in all her actions.

Comments on Ngan Ha, Mr. Le My Linh, a lecturer at the Faculty of International Business, said: “As the faculty with the highest entry points in the school, the academic pressure among students is great. However, Ha still manages to balance the time to both participate in volunteering movements and try her hand at sports tournaments. The most impressive thing about Ha is that she always puts all her heart into each activity, true to the pioneering and exemplary role of a student party member. Ha has won the title of a 5-goods student at the University of Economics in the academic year 2021-2022.

The number of students admitted to the Party while still in high school is not much due to objective and subjective reasons. In the period 2015-2020, the city only had 6 students admitted to the Party. Objectively, many children after finishing high school are not yet 18 years old. Grade 12 students are still busy with plans to prepare for high school graduation exams and college admissions. High schools, when recruiting students to introduce them to the party, often focus on students with good academic performance who actively participate in the Youth Union movement.

Dr. Bui Trung Hiep, Secretary of the Student Branch, University of Economics said that Party members who were admitted to the Party while still in high school are active elements of social activities. Becoming a first-year student, while many students have not yet determined their goals to strive for in the university environment, the student party members have the opportunity to show their youth, creativity and maturity in thought. The young party members are all students with a long history of achievements in the Youth Union movement, start-up activities and also in learning and scientific research.

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According to Ha Tran (Da Nang Newspaper)