10 outstanding highlights of the University of Economics, University of Danang in 2022


2022 is a challenging year for all teachers and students of the University of Economics. In the context that the Covid epidemic has been gradually controlled, there are still heavy and complicated consequences; The entire cadres and students of the University have united, democratic, intellectually promoted, made their best efforts with a high sense of responsibility, successfully completed the tasks of the school year. The school has successfully completed the objectives of improving training quality in the direction of modernity, promoting self-study capacity, updating advanced management knowledge; innovation of active teaching methods; promote skills training to apply knowledge into practice, develop creativity, raise a sense of responsibility to society and the community. Let's review 10 outstanding events of the University of Economics, University of Danang in 2022.

1. Ensure the completion of tasks, especially training in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic

Promoting democracy, solidarity and creativity, in 2022, the University of Economics has proactively and flexibly deployed face-to-face and online activities to ensure excellent completion of the school year's tasks in the context of the Covid 19 epidemic and was recognized by emulation titles and rewards from all levels. Specifically, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the University of Danang as an excellent Labor Collective in the academic year 2021 - 2022, the People's Committee of Da Nang City awarded a certificate of merit and was awarded the emulation flag by the Minister of Education and Training as an excellent leader in the emulation movement "Innovation and creativity in teaching and learning".

The school has made a flexible transition between face-to-face and online teaching, creating conditions for students to return to face-to-face learning when the epidemic is under control. Organizing for students, trainees and doctoral students to defend their theses, dissertations, graduation theses, final exams in a flexible online and direct form; organizing graduation consideration and awarding diplomas in several batches, thereby granting degrees to more than 2,500 students of full-time systems, parti-time systems, reviewing and granting degrees to 11 doctorates, 400 masters and creating the best conditions for students, trainees, doctoral students to receive their diplomas in time.

In addition, the University organized the development, appraisal and issuance of 32 undergraduate training programs, 7 application-oriented and research-oriented master training programs in accordance with the provisions of the Vietnam National Qualification Framework and of Training Program Standards; Completing the Financial Technology (Fintech) opening project and the 100% English training project for International Business, successfully enrolling the first course in 2022.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Thanh Bac (middle) - Vice President of the University of Danang awarded the Emulation Flag at ministerial level and excellent Labor Collective

 for School and 2 units

2. Continue to successfully enroll students, ensuring the stability of the training scale of the University

The University of Economics, University of Danang has developed an enrollment scheme with many flexible methods, and organized various enrollment consulting activities, rich in content, form and means. In 2022, the University has completed 100% of the enrollment target with 3,285 full-time university students with the highest matriculation scores in the Central - Central Highlands region. The recruitment of both part-time and graduate students continues to be maintained. Currently, the training scale of the University is 14,392 full-time students, 274 part-time students, 329 masters, and 48 ​​doctoral students. The training program of the University is periodically reviewed, compatible with advanced training programs of developed countries in the world, and at the same time suitable to the realities of the regional labor market.

DUE's enrollment consulting activities are diverse and rich

3. Strengthening the organization and personnel

The faculty and staff of the University are constantly being consolidated, perfected and have made outstanding developments in both quantity and quality, meeting the requirements of teaching and research according to the trend of regional and world integration. In 2022, the University implemented the process of appointing the titles of Vice Rector, Head of Planning - Finance Department, Chief Accountant, and many management titles at departmental levels. The unity and high determination of the leadership team has helped the University to make positive changes in university governance. With an increasingly efficient organizational structure along with high-quality human resources to implement the long-term strategic goals of the University.

Leaders of the University of Economics awarded the appointment decision and presented a bouquet of fresh flowers to the new Vice Rector: Dr. Huynh Thi Hong Hanh

4. International cooperation, scientific research, innovation and creativity gain new results

The University of Economics, University of Danang has made strong strides in scientific and technological activities and scientific research in both breadth and depth. In 2022, scientific publications of the team of DUE scientists, especially international publications, will increase in both quantity and quality. 61 ISI/Scopus articles, 99 international conference papers (with ISBN index), 112 domestic articles on the list of journals scored by the State Council for Professor Titles and 80 conference proceedings country (with ISBN index). With their best efforts in scientific research activities and international cooperation, lecturers of the University of Economics, University of Danang have achieved proud results: 03 lecturers received the Consolation Prize of the Science and Technology Award for Young Lecturers from the Ministry of Education and Training, 5 international articles of the school’s lecturers received the Certificate of Merit from the People's Committee of Da Nang City in 2021, 26 international articles were rewarded by the Foundation Development of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) of the University of Danang in 2021. Strategy "Active, flexible, adaptive and continuously improving", the continuous efforts of DUE cadres and lecturers in science and technology work and international cooperation step by step promote what has been achieved, continue to improve the reputation of DUE. Along with the research results, 2022 also witnessed strong marks in the internationalization of education and international cooperation of DUE. Transfer programs, joint training programs are continued to be maintained with prestigious partners.

 Imprints of DUE scientists at the Commendation Ceremony for organizations and individuals with outstanding achievements in science & technology activities

5. Successfully accrediting the quality of educational institutions

The outstanding event of the University of Economics in 2022 is the completion of the organization of accreditation of educational institutions according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training cycle 2 in December 2021; The university has successfully organized a self-assessment and external assessment of 3 training programs, namely Banking, Hotel Management, and Corporate Finance according to AUN-QA standards, increasing the number of training programs meeting AUN-QA standards of the University to 8 programs. This success has created an important motivation and premise to continue to test other training programs of the University in the coming time.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Manh Toan (middle) - Rector of University of Economics received the decision and flower from representatives of VNU-CEA and the President of the University of Danang

6. Consolidate and enhance the role and responsibility of the university towards the community and society

Serving the development of the community, over the past year, the University has accompanied the localities in consulting, management, and socio-economic development through well performing the role of research and policy consultant for the managers and local authorities. Over the years, the faculty and experts of the university have cooperated in carrying out research activities with scientific topics, consulting policy research actively and seriously. The examples are scientific research projects at ministerial and local levels; coordinate to organize scientific conferences such as: National scientific conference with the topic "Developing the service industry in the process of industrialization and modernization to 2030, with a vision to 2045", The 2nd National Scientific Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Vietnam (CLSCM-2022); National Scientific Conference "Human resources and driving force for national development”, National Scientific Conference on "The current situation and solutions to strengthen the capacity to respond to risks and crises in the economy of Da Nang city", etc.

In addition to teaching and learning, teachers and students of the University of Economics also strive to fulfill their roles and responsibilities to society with many practical activities such as: The University's Trade Union contributed to building and giving necessities to kindergarten students in village 8, Vinh O commune, Vinh Linh, Quang Tri (January 2022 and August 2022); Green summer campaign in Tien Ha commune, Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province (July 2022) has contributed to the construction of public works, giving gifts to local people, joining hands in planting forests, hold a mock trial to raise people's awareness, etc.; Deploying the expansion of the Green University project has contributed to planting thousands of trees and cleaning the environment; Actively participate in blood donation red Sundays, etc.

The student sports team of the University of Economics won the first prize of the whole team at the 12th University of Danang Student Sports Festival

7. DUE students continue to reap glory at beauty and academic competitions

The University of Economics always focuses on creating a friendly learning environment, positive students. Students are encouraged to participate in activities to improve soft skills and become more active and confident. In 2022, student Tran Nguyen Minh Thu - Faculty of Tourism won the title of Miss Tourism Da Nang, 3rd runner-up of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. Besides, DUE students also won many awards from community initiative competitions such as 01 Second Prize of Science and Technology Award for students in higher education institutions in 2021 (Faculty of International Business), 01 Second Prize of Eureka 2021 (Faculty of Marketing), 01 Consolation Prize of Eureka 2021 (Faculty of Tourism), 01 Second Prize in the Danang Science Research Student Competition in 2021 (Faculty of E-commerce), 01 Consolation Prize in Danang Science Research Student Competition 2021 (Faculty of Marketing), 01 Second Prize for Scientific Research Student at the University of Danang in 2021 (Faculty of Danang University of Science and Technology). Marketing), 01 Third Prize in Scientific Research Student at University of Danang in 2021 (Faculty of Tourism).

Student Tran Nguyen Minh Thu with the title of 3rd runner-up Miss Grand Vietnam-2022

8. Continue to promote digital transformation in the university

In 2022, the University of Economics, University of Danang will continue to build, complete and integrate functional management software such as training, science, emulation - reward, to serve well the management of the university. In particular, the school promotes investment in upgrading the E-learning system to meet the requirements of online teaching and taking exams. In addition, the school has strongly applied technology platforms to carry out scientific research activities, connect knowledge and organize conferences and seminars.

Seminar "Design and organize subjects according to international standards"

9. Increase investment in facilities and put them into effective use

The system of facilities of the University of Economics, University of Danang is modernized with lecture halls and classrooms of international standards. In 2022, the school has completed the investment in furnishing the faculty offices in a synchronous and modern manner. Continue to install additional equipment, upgrade the wifi system. At the same time, renovating a number of working rooms in the Administrative Area such as: the office of the Financial Planning Department, the School Council and the Management Board; Area C of the Student Dormitory. The increase in investment in developing the system of facilities for training and research in order to provide necessary high-quality services for staff, lecturers and students to study and work at the University upon request. of an advanced university.

University of Economics' facilities are getting more and more spacious

10. Actively secure finance, contribute to stabilizing the life and income of employees and supporting learners

In 2022, the University has actively implemented many activities to ensure revenue and save expenses in a reasonable and proper manner. Thereby ensuring funding for operations in the context of being affected by the Covid 19 epidemic, while still properly and sufficiently dealing with salary, teaching fees, scholarships, social insurance and other support regimes. Other support related to staff and students throughout the University.

University of Economics always cares about the lives of cadres and students

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