Hundreds of students participated in the Talkshow "Start-up journey"


On the morning of November 17, the University of Economics, University of Danang held a Talkshow "Start-up journey" with the aim of stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship and inspiring students, equipping them with the necessary skills so that students can start their own businesses while still in school.

Attending the talkshow were the speakers: Ms. Le Thi Cam Trinh - Co-founder of the Umnalena project, Senior Manager at Selly Company, Mr. Ly Dinh Quan - Founder & CEO at Songhan Incubator, Start-up and innovation expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Luu Minh Hien - Founder & CEO of WISE Business (School of Business Training and Marketing agency) and WISE English Center System and leaders of Science and International Cooperation Department, Faculty of Business Administration, Center for Student Support and Business Relations and 100 students interested in starting a business.

Talkshow attracted hundreds of students to attend

As entrepreneurs, businesses are very busy with work and business projects as well as social activities, but the speakers are also very enthusiastic when accompanying DUE students who are passionate about business and entrepreneurship.

At the seminar, the speakers shared a lot of information about startups, ideas play an important role in the success or failure of a startup project, whether to find a product and then find a way to sell it, or find an untapped market and then find a new product that fits the market. In particular, the speakers shared a lot of interesting information with young people, when they were still students, they faced many challenges, especially if they did not have enough capital, would they start a business?

Dr. Bui Huynh Nguyen - Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department gave flowers to thank the speakers

The process of starting a business is certainly not without its difficulties and has its own joys and sorrows. From the actual stories of the speakers, the students were able to imagine the necessary and sufficient elements of a start-up process and which step is the most important to start a business successfully.

Mr. Ly Dinh Quan discussed the unique and novel ideas of startups, the challenges faced when preparing and in the early stages of the start-up process.

Speakers shared a lot of useful information about entrepreneurship for students

As an older brother, Mr. Luu Minh Hien shared the secrets to building and communicating the image of the Wise English center, especially strategies to reach target customers when implementing their projects.

The students were very excited to meet and ask questions to the speakers. Throughout the program, the speakers continuously received many interesting questions from the students. The talkshow took place with excitement and a lot of practical knowledge shared by entrepreneurs today is the foundation for students to be more confident in their entrepreneurial path.

Students excited to participate in Talkshow "Start-up Journey"

The program "Start-up Journey" is a meaningful program that brings a lot of useful information to students of the University of Economics, the University of Danang, especially for young people who are passionate about business and want to start a business.

Delegates and speakers took souvenir photos

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