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On the morning of October 14, the University of Economics, the University of Danang cooperated with Foreign Trade University and Vietnam Logistics Human Development Association (VALOMA) organized the 2nd National Scientific Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Vietnam (CLSCM-2022) in face-to-face and online form.

The stage of welcoming delegates is always well-prepared

The CLSCM-2022 conference with the theme "Vietnam's Sustainable Supply Chain and Logistics Development Solutions" aims to create a space for connection, sharing, and annual discussion on topics in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, thereby enhancing exchanges and cooperation in academic and applied scientific research among scientists, managers and business leaders.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Van Huy - Vice President of the University of Economics, the University of Danang presents flowers and medals to the organizers of the Conference

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice President of the University of Economics, the University of Danang said: The world is in the fourth industrial revolution, which has been creating great changes in the way it operates and supplies chain services and supply chain management. This is a big question, a problem posed in the context of a world with many unpredictable changes. The Vice Rector affirmed that: the conference held in Da Nang city, which has a particularly favorable geographical position and is one of the sea-facing gateways of the East-West Economic Corridor, has potentially become part of a global production and supply chain network, etc.

Conference Scene

After more than 3 hours of continuous and urgent work, from a plenary session to 4 parallel discussion sessions, the conference has accomplished its stated objectives. The National Scientific Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Vietnam received more than 40 presentations, and the Conference Organizing Committee selected 32 papers to be published in the Proceedings. Scientists and experts representing businesses and organizations attending the conference exchanged ideas and opinions on many issues related to the topic of the conference: How to sustainably develop logistics and supply chain activities to overcome challenges? What is the role of logistics in connecting and promoting economic development? In the new context, it is extremely necessary to develop logistics and supply chain infrastructure and apply technology to develop logistics activities and supply chain management, and what are the solutions to improve the competitiveness of logistics enterprises in the new context?

Delegates exchanges, discusses, assesses the current situation, and offers solutions to develop Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Vietnam

The conference was held in face-to-face and online form, which is a flexible way for authors still have the opportunity to present the results of their research. The conference also contributed to improving the scientific research capacity of teachers in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. In addition, scientists and experts also hope that the research can be applied in practice, as a basis for state management agencies in decision-making, and policy implications, or put into practice by enterprises in their own business.

Delegates exchanges at discussion sessions

In the report "Solutions to reduce transportation costs in logistics costs in Vietnam" by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truong Son - Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, University of Danang, assessed: "Logistics costs in general and transportation costs in particular in Vietnam are at a very high level, creating a burden for the economy and reducing the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods. Reducing logistics costs with a focus on reducing transportation costs must involve the participation of many industries, localities, and fields. Through synchronous solutions, suitable for the immediate and long-term basis on all three aspects of management organization, science and technology, and logistics human resources.” The results of the conference are valuable theoretical and practical contributions to state management agencies, business organizations, universities, and other stakeholders.

Awarding authors with excellent articles

The Vietnam Logistics and Supply Chain Management Conference is a gathering to unite and promote the strength of organizations and individuals who share the same aspiration to develop Vietnam's logistics human resources through innovative management, differentiated service, and high professional efficiency; taking members as the center and improving the quality of logistics human resources as a goal.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh authorizes to organize the CLSCM-2023 conference for the University of Finance - Marketing

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