Solemnly awarding the master's and doctoral graduation ceremony in the first phase of 2022


On the afternoon of June 18, the University of Economics - the University of Danang solemnly held the ceremony of awarding the master’s and doctorate degrees in the first phase of 2022. Attending the Graduation Ceremony, there were 112 new masters and 15 new doctorates with their family, relatives, and friends. Attending were also leaders of the University of Danang: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu - Director of the University of Danang, leaders of the Departments and Unions of the University of Danang, leaders of the member universities of the University of Danang; On the side of the University of Economics, there were also representatives of the University Council: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Khoi Nguyen - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the University Council, representative of the Board of Directors: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Manh Toan – Rector, leaders of departments, faculties, centers, and lecturers from faculties with postgraduates and Ph.D. students.

The opening performance of the Graduation Ceremony

Congratulating the new Masters and PhDs, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Manh Toan affirmed that today's result is a worthy achievement of the unremitting efforts in teaching and research work of the University of Economics lecturers and students over the years. Overcoming the difficulties of the epidemic, the postgraduates and Ph.D. students worked together with the lecturers and completed the training program with excellent results. The university wishes the new Master's and Doctorates will continue to achieve success on their career paths, contributing to improving the position and prestige of the University of Economics - the University of Danang for the development of the social community.

On behalf of the University, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Manh Toan acknowledged the efforts of the new masters, new doctorates, and the lecturers who have successfully completed the training program

The new Ph.D. representative also thanked the lecturers who are dedicated to imparting professional knowledge and skills, supporting and serving the teaching process of officials and experts of faculties, departments, and centers of the University. Postgraduates will try to strive harder in their studies as well as in work, continuing to return to university to improve their qualifications in the future.

Representative of the new Ph.D.: Nguyen Thanh Tu - Course K34 of Accounting majors send gratitude to all officials and lecturers of the University of Economics for creating favorable conditions for postgraduates during their study and research time

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Doan Ngoc Phi Anh - Head of Training Department announced the Decision to recognize Master and Doctorate

At the graduation ceremony, the University also rewarded 08 new masters with good achievements in study and research.

08 new Masters with excellent achievements were rewarded and honored

In the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony, leaders of the University of Danang and the University of Economics, along with their instructors, conducted the ceremony of awarding degrees to 15 PhDs in 04 majors: Business Administration, Accounting, Development Economics, and Finance - Banking; Besides, 112 postgraduates were also honored to receive master's degrees from Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Manh Toan. Wishing the new PhDs and new Masters will be successful in their future journey, work hard, and enjoy the sweet results from the knowledge and skills gained during their study and research time at the University of Economics – the University of Danang.

The ceremony of awarding the Doctorate degree took place solemnly

The joy of the new Masters

*The University of Economics is currently training 4 doctoral training majors and 7 master's majors. Postgraduate training, especially doctoral training, plays an important role in improving the University's research capacity, contributing to the realization of the strategic goal of becoming a leading research University in the region. Details of the graduate training program of the University of Economics - the University of Danang are shown in this link: https://due.udn.vn/tuvantuyensinh

All pictures of the Master's and Doctoral Graduation Ceremony in 2022 are posted at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f7fnKiQmsWEbVEEq1JKrDQqjur4rRuoq

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