ICOAF will be one of the largest Accounting and Finance Conferences in Southeast Asia


This morning (June 10, 2022), the University of Economics (the University of Danang), in collaboration with the Global Financial Research Institute (the University of New South Wales, Australia) and Aston University (UK), officially opened the International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICOAF 2022).

Due to the impact of the "post-COVID-19" period, ICOAF 2022 was organized in a combination of face-to-face and online formats, with the participation of 70 experts and scientists from prestigious domestic and international universities.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice-Rector of the University of Economics (the University of Danang) gave a welcome speech and introduction for ICOAF 2022. - Picture in news: T.Ngoc.

This year, the conference received 65 articles from domestic and foreign scientists and lecturers, including many prestigious scholars. The Content Committee of the conference with the presence of famous experts (domestic and foreign) in the field of Finance - Accounting, decided to select 35 research projects to be presented at the Conference.

The ICOAF 2022 conference is a great opportunity for scientists and lecturers at domestic and international universities to share academic ideas, then, receive scientific comments/criticisms, thereby increasing the chances of articles being accepted for publication in ISI and SCOPUS journals.

“The ICOAF 2022 conference also has the profound meaning of forming and nurturing a global network of researchers in the field of Finance and Accounting in Vietnam, while consolidating and promoting cooperation in research on Finance and Accounting in Vietnam.

In addition, with a vision to soon become a research-oriented university, the University of Economics - the University of Danang and its co-organizers also emphasized their determination to "strive to make the ICOAF annual conference become one of the largest specialized conferences on Finance - Accounting in Southeast Asia", in the near future. – representatives of the Organizing Committee shared.

With the above goals, ICOAF 2022 is supported by the Vingroup Innovation Fund (VinIF).

International delegates, leaders of the Department of Science and Technology, leaders of the University of Danang, 

and leaders of the University of Economics were present at the opening session.

It is known that the beginning of ICOAF is the academic event ICOA (International Conference on Accounting), first held in 2015, hosted by 3 Universities - co-coordinated as the University of Economics (the University of Danang) – Aston University (UK), and Yokohama University (Japan).

Right the first time, this academic event quickly attracted the attention of the academic community, business managers, and even policymakers. This is an important foundation for the conference to gradually become a prestigious scientific forum, discussing in-depth contemporary issues in the field of Finance-Accounting. In 2016, the field of Finance officially became the topic of the conference. From this milestone, the conference has a new full name, ICOAF (until today).

ICOAF 2016 gathered professors, PhDs, leading experts, scholars, and specialized researchers and attracted strong attention from many media channels. The prestige of ICOAF has been confirmed and spread in the professional world, after only 2 sessions.

In the following years, the ICOAF event became the focus of specialized researchers (UK, France, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, etc.). The quality of articles submitted to the ICOAF Content Committee and Review Board has increased markedly.

Through new studies with multi-dimensional perspectives and high scientific content published, scientists - lecturers have grasped new policy implications, interesting findings as well as orientations for future studies in Accounting and Finance.

In 2018, ICOAF was jointly organized by 4 universities: the University of Economics (the University of Danang) - the University of New South Wales, Massey University, and Aston University. In 2021, in the context of the epidemic, ICOAF is still maintained in an online form.

Many names came to the event: Professor (major in Accounting) Mingyi Hung – Hong Kong the University of Science and Technology; Professor Avanidhar (Subra) Subrahmanyam; etc.

In 2022, the seventh ICOAF session, with 70 leading scientists, researchers, and experts in the field of Finance - Accounting, officially attended.

ICOAF 2022 has the appearance of two main speakers:

Professor (major in Finance) Talis Putnins. He is also known as a policy advisor to the Government, and an advisor to the stock exchanges and financial institutions.

Professor Talis Putnins was the keynote speaker of the opening session.

Professor Putnins focuses on many aspects of financial markets – the designs and microstructures of markets, decentralized finance, and related blockchains. The fields of financial forensic science, including market manipulation, insider trading, and criminal financing, are also the subject of research by this scientist from the Center for Digital Finance Collaborative Research at the University of Technology Sydney.

Associate Professor (major in Finance) Peter Kien Pham currently teaches and researches at the University of Banking and Finance (under the University of New South Wales), and is also the President of the Vietnam International Finance Association.

Associate Professor Pham said that his research areas include corporate finance, corporate governance, and capital allocation, with a particular focus on business groups and multinational companies, etc.

Many topics about the financial - accounting situation of the world in general and Asia, in particular, 

have attracted the attention of delegates presenting at ICOAF 2022

ICOAF 2022 has many interesting topics about the financial - accounting situation of the world in general and Asia in particular. The highlight of interest to many scholars is the post-COVID-19 global financial situation.

As the university that initiated and hosted, and co-hosted 7 consecutive sessions of ICOA and ICOAF; the University of Economics - the University of Danang has named itself on the list of universities with typical contributions to the study of Finance - Accounting.

Many lecturers of the University of Economics - the University of Danang were invited to attend,  present, and share their thematic reports at scientific conferences or other academic activities, related to the field of Finance - Accounting. These are good opportunities for the lecturers of the university to assert themselves, contributing to affirming the prestige of the university at the national and international levels. Thereby also significantly improving teaching and research capacity, contributing to improving the quality of training.

In addition, many scientific articles and research topics of lecturers of the University of Economics - the University of Danang were also selected to be published at some famous conferences such as Vietnam International Conference in Finance (VICIF); International Conference on Management Business (COMB); International Conference on Marketing in the connected age (MICA), …

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Source: ASEAN News