Launching TA Team: Pioneer to help due students become global citizens generation 4.0


On the afternoon of December 7, members of TA (Teaching Assistant) Team - English teaching assistant team were officially launched in the exciting atmosphere about a new journey. The launch event was attended by representatives of the University Board of Directors: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Van Huy - Vice-Rector, representatives of the leaders of the Training Department, the Department of Science & International Cooperation, the teachers in the English for Special purposes Department and especially the 10 elite members of the English Teaching Assistant group.

Establishing TA Team can be said to be a breakthrough of the University of Economics in the policy of improving and enhancing the quality of training programs, especially English training at the University. Dr. Duong Bach Nhat - English for Special purposes Department, affirmed that TA Team members not only play a pivotal role in the policy of improving the English curriculum but are also "companions" with the teachers in conveying effective learning methods and the right direction to learn English for students of the University. The launch of the TA Team is the result of the close attention and direction of the University Board of Directors as well as the efforts of Departments and the English for Special purposes Department.

Dr. Duong Bach Nhat said that TA Team members play a pivotal role in DUE's policy of innovating the English curriculum

Showing pride in the qualifications and experience of the English Teaching Assistant Group, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Van Huy said that the TA Team is a convergence of students with excellent academic achievements, having IELTS certificates of 6.0 or higher, and having participated in teaching, translating, and teaching assistants at major English centers in Da Nang, agencies, and organizations such as Access American Education, interpreters at the Capstone study abroad conference, etc. University leaders expect that TA Team will fulfill its pioneering mission in teaching assistantship, contributing to building an international environment at DUE and enhancing the University's position. Not only investing in human resources, but the school has also built an advanced English teaching program such as the Keynote curriculum application with rich electronic learning resources, the integration of TED Talks videos and the myELT system, design course outlines that are close to professional practice. And in fact, the new curriculum has been implemented since the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year and created attraction and excitement for students of course 47K in English subjects.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Van Huy is proud of the achievement of the English Teaching Assistant Team

“As students in the 4.0 technology era, we are always prepared to be ready to integrate with the world, which is demonstrated by constantly improving foreign language skills, information technology, and other soft skills. We will promote the enthusiastic, intellectual and creative spirit of the youth to first contribute to the development of the international educational environment at DUE and together with generations of DUE students to conquer the future career environment", the enthusiastic speech of Truong Quy Minh Nhan (Faculty of International Business) - representative of TA Team at the launch. TA Team members also hoped that their experiences in teaching assistantship will be valuable baggage for their future careers.

Representation TA Team - Truong Quy Minh Nhan wanted to inspire conquer language to generations of DUE students

The representative of the University of Economics also gave flowers to teachers from English for Special purposes Department and TA Team members, at the same time sent great expectations to fulfill the mission of helping DUE students access advanced scientific knowledge, ready to become global citizens generation 4.0.

School leaders thanked the efforts of the teachers of English for Special purposes Department to establish the TA Team

The representative of the university conveyed expectations to the members of the TA Team

10 elite members of the TA team:

- Huynh Minh Khoa: class 46K08.1 - Faculty of E-commerce

- Tran Thi Tuyet Mai, class 45K25.1 - Faculty of Business Administration

- Le Phan Ngoc Huyen, class 46K01.2 - Faculty of International Business

- Truong Quy Minh Nhan, class 45K01.2 - Faculty of International Business

- Cao Huu Phi: class 45K01.2 - Faculty of International Business

- Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao: class QT18 - International Business - International affiliate program

- Mai Phuoc Bao: class 44K23.1 - Faculty of Tourism

- Ngo Vu Hien Hoa: class 44K03.3 - Faculty of Tourism

- Le Thuy Hanh Nguyen: class 44K23.1 - Faculty of Tourism

- Phan Nguyen Trong Tin: class 46K03 .1 – Faculty of Tourism

TA Team gathers members with excellent academic achievements, especially foreign language proficiency

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