Let’s meet our valedictorian-Hoang Thu Hien: In order to succeed, you must be strong


Despite having small stature, Hoang Thu Hien, the first valedictorian in the school year 2021-2022 the University of Economics, UD with a score of 28.70 in the National High School graduation exam has successfully became a new student of class 47K31.1, Faculty of Marketing. 

Let's chat with Thu Hien to see interesting sharing about this pretty girl's learning secrets.

Unexpectedly knowing that she won the title of valedictorian, Thu Hien still felt a thrill: “I was very surprised when I knew that I became the valedictorian of a leading school in the Central and Central Highlands regions. Moreover, the marketing major is a high-standard field of the school, so I am very happy with pride and honor."

Thu Hien is always strong to achieve the success that she aims for

 Like many peers, when choosing a school and a major, Hien also wished to study in a leading learning environment. In the end, Thu Hien chose DUE as the next place on her journey. Hien confided: "I know that Marketing is a highly sought-after industry today, so I want to learn to experience, practice, cultivate and understand myself more through the profession that I have chosen. However, mixed with that is a little anxiety because I myself am still quite shy to adapt to the new learning environment. Therefore, I will try harder to achieve high academic achievement and deserve the title that I have achieved. Moreover, through the time of admission, I have been exposed to and supported by DUE teachers, so I have become much braver."

Sharing the secret to becoming valedictorian, Thu Hien smiles said: “I feel that self-study is very important, especially in the current complicated epidemic situation, self-study is more important than ever. Wherever you study, try to understand it, grasp the basics, and then gradually move up to the advanced exercises. The important thing is to stay calm and believe that you can do it. If you are too tired, you can rest a bit and then continue with your studies." The exam preparation process certainly inevitably faces certain difficulties and fatigue, but Thu Hien always believes that: "All difficulties and challenges now are just the first step, if you want to be more successful, you have to be strong, brave enough to keep going and not give up. Just thinking that I will receive the worthy results, I try to get up and continue the path I have chosen."

The beautiful smile of the valedictorian 47k

Thu Hien's youth has been filled with beautiful memories with her friends who always played an important role in Hien's life. Now, when she turns to a new page, Thu Hien will meet new friends and prepare herself for the next journey. Sharing about future plans, Thu Hien confided: “I hope that the time studying at DUE will help me develop and improve myself more. I will participate in extracurricular activities, school clubs and will definitely have many valuable memories at this dream school.”

Congratulations Thu Hien on becoming the first valedictorian in 2021 of the University of Economics, UD. We wish you always achieve much success in life.