Connecting with business - The strategic direction of student clubs of DUE


Established in 2011, with the vision with motivation and passion for learning English to bring students throughout Da Nang city, SEE CLUB - English club under the Student Union University of Economics - The University of Danang has connected with businesses, created many playgrounds for students and opened up the strategic direction of DUE student clubs.

“Supportive - Enthusiastic - Educated” are the 3 main core values ​​of SEE CLUB. 

- Supportive: SEE CLUB creates a healthy environment where all members unite and help each other as a family. 

- Enthusiastic: The members of SEE CLUB, with their passion, dedication, creativity, and sense of responsibility, inspire everyone around them. 

- Educated: SEE CLUB is not just an academic English playground, the club also wishes that students will develop and hone more useful soft skills for themselves in the future.

Young and dynamic SEE CLUB member

SEE CLUB wishes to create useful playgrounds and contribute to attracting and promoting the spirit of English learning among students of the University of Economics - the University of Danang in particular and local students. Da Nang in general - this means that SEE CLUB has been making efforts to implement and complete the goals and missions that the club has set out since its establishment. The cooperation with organizations with high expertise in the field of English also contributes to the goal of improving the quality and professionalism as well as the professionalism of the activities that SEE CLUB organizes for the purpose of enhancing the club's prestige among students

In recent years, SEE CLUB has always tried to find companions throughout the activities that the club organizes. In 2021, the club cooperated with ELSA - ELSA Speak Co., Ltd., The English Lab, and IELTS Preparation Center The English Lab - Official IELTS Partner of IDP Vietnam, FLIC Foreign Language and Informatics Center, TOEIC Master English Center, IELTS Nhung Tran English Center. In 2020, the club connected with LEE Language Center. In 2019, cooperation with IIG Vietnam Education Organization, AMES ENGLISH International English System, Rong Tien Sa Communication Joint Stock Company - Rong Tien Sa Media, TIPI English Center, PARKI Da Foreign Language Center Nang. In 2018, together with Ms. Hoa English Center, UE Study Abroad Consulting Company, LEE Language Center organized many interesting activities for students.

SEE Club members always give their best in activities

As the leader of SEE CLUB, Pham Thi Quynh Nhu, Chairwoman of SEE CLUB shared: “Cooperation with businesses/organizations is one of the aims that SEE CLUB sets out. Connecting with businesses will bring a lot of value not only to the current activities but also to the sustainable - long-term development of the club. This is shown most clearly through the contest "I LOVE ENGLISH", an annual contest that always remains "hot" and increasingly attracts a large number of students to register to participate.

During the development process, SEE CLUB has organized many activities and events throughout the school year, attracting a lot of interest and participation in the student community. Some typical activities that the club makes an impression on students include the "I LOVE ENGLISH" contest which takes place annually in April-May, for all students from all over the city of Da Nang. This activity is a useful and interesting playground for candidates to practice, hone skills, and nurture their love of English through various forms.

In addition, the free Speaking Course "THE ONLINE SPEAKING PRACTICE" - jointly organized with Mr. Michael Caven - Coordinator of FLIC Center for Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics, University of Economics – The University of Danang Nang has really attracted many students to register for the course.

Workshop sessions and events also take place regularly, which is the convergence of the spirit of the learning community. The Workshop Series "CRACKING THE IELTS TEST" - jointly organized with THE ENGLISH LAB - a partner of IDP Vietnam. Or English Everywhere Event - an annual community English event, held in December every year for students of the University of Economics - the University of Danang. Activities to bring knowledge about different topics in an interesting and useful way for students.

SEE CLUB organizes many activities and events throughout the school year,

attracting a lot of interest and participation in the student community.

Currently, SEE CLUB is connecting with ELSA Speak in the membership event for the Club for the term 2021 - 2022. The benefit for all students who become official members of SEE CLUB is to use the ELSA PRO on the ELSA Speak application platform for free. SEE CLUB is very pleased to be working with ELSA Speak. In the future, the cooperation between SEE CLUB and ELSA Speak promises to bring students many interesting playgrounds, contests, and events to help many students on the way to approach and improve English. 

Over the years of operation, SEE CLUB has been honored to receive many awards and trusts from the delegation of the University of Economics, UD. The trust of the University and students is always the greatest motivation for SEE CLUB to complete and develop its mission. In the future, SEE CLUB will focus more on investing in programs and events in terms of quality, scale as well as the core meaning that each program brings. SEE CLUB always wishes to become a place to create a useful English environment not only for the student community in Da Nang City.