Meet Ha Phuong Thuy - A talented freshman of the 47th course


Ha Phuong Thuy – a freshman in the international regular bachelor program, University of Economics, UD, has not only a cute appearance and a sweet smile but also an impressive profile.

Sharing a little about herself, Phuong Thuy said that she was a cheerful, introverted person who always wanted to make new friends. When deciding to choose an international regular program, University of Economics, UD, Thuy herself also thought carefully and researched carefully: "Actually, I was very hesitant when making a decision about my school to study. My graduation score is quite high, my academic record is quite good, so I have a lot of choices for me. But as far as I know, the University of Economics, UD is the leading university in the Central Highlands region, which also means that the quality and reputation of the school are quite prestigious. So I think if I go to DUE, I will have a lot of opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge and social skills to develop myself."

Ha Phuong Thuy is happy to be accepted into the International Regular Program

Being passionate about learning, Phuong Thuy has owned an impressive "profile" of achievements such as IELTS: 6.5, High school exam score: D01, 28 points (Math 9.6, Literature 9.0, English 9.4). Second prize in Geography at the Da Nang city-level competition for excellent students in the academic year 2020-2021, and excellent student union members at the school level in the 2020-2021 school year. In addition to her academic work, Phuong Thuy was able to participate in many cultural development activities. Specifically, she is practicing 2 sports as Aerobic and Taekwondo. She also achieved 2 medals (Gold and Bronze) in the City team aerobics, 3rd prize in athletics, and Taekwondo brown belt. In addition, Phuong Thuy also has a passion for hosting programs and giving presentations and has had several opportunities to host programs at the school and district levels.

Phuong Thuy joins the Danang City-level Phu Dong Health Association in 2021

In order to have an impressive profile for herself, the first thing that Phuong Thuy sets for herself is determination. She shared “I set a goal that is right for me and try my best to achieve it. Besides, I always try to allocate my time in the most reasonable way so that I can balance between learning activities from class, extra study, and self-study." In addition, Phuong Thuy makes herself a habit of studying anytime, anywhere. Not only confined to the school space, I learn right from my family, and society. Because I think, learning is boundless, it is not only academic knowledge but also life knowledge. Specifically, I often watch news programs to update important information, knowledge, contests, or other professional programs so that I can develop new skills”

In addition, Phuong Thuy has a passion for hosting and a huge love for sports, especially Taekwondo and Aerobic, writing, and learning knowledge in all fields.

Besides studying, Phuong Thuy participates in many activities and competitions

In the future, as a student of DUE, Phuong Thuy really wants to have student experiences at the school. Besides, she will try to improve her foreign languages such as French and Chinese, because she thinks that being fluent in many languages ​​will be a good preparation for her to interact with friends around the world, to become a global citizen. She is also practicing her programming skills so that next year she can participate in some competitions in this field. And there is another plan that she will build and develop a channel about her own learning and training, she is still in the process of creating content so she can share with everyone her interesting experiences. me. She hopes the epidemic will be controlled soon so that she can implement those plans.

The new student 47K also sent a warm greeting to the new DUE students with the motto: "Look towards the Sun, the darkness will disappear behind you", each of DUE students will strive to learn. practice, and create more new motivations in the student life.