Former student of business administration department was appointed to the board of directors of Military Bank


Dynamism and flexibility are the advantages of Business Administration Faculty students. This is proved when the MB (Military Bank) has recently appointed new members to the Board of Directors, among the appointed members, Congratulations to the alumni of the Faculty: Pham Nhu Anh, born in 1980, a student of class 24K2.3 has been appointed to the Board of Management of MB. Wish you continue to reap much success in your career!

To realize the goal of becoming "the most convenient bank", adhere to the motto "strengthening the foundation and digital transformation, inclusive, efficient and sustainable growth", in which "digital banking" is objectives, … The Board of Directors of Military Bank (MB) has appointed 3 members of the Executive Board. These employees of the 8x generation, sticking with MB, have high education and ability to work internationally, are expected to make effective contributions to the digital transformation at MB in the coming time.

Previously, he held positions as Director of MB Binh Dinh, Director of MB Saigon. He has a master's degree majoring in business administration and many years of excellently completing the assigned tasks. In particular, in the year 2019-2020, the large enterprise customer block (CIB) which he is in charge of is always the leading business sector in terms of operational results and efficiency, exceeding the plan, bringing efficiency to the MB.

In addition to being in charge of CIB, Mr. Pham Nhu Anh is currently one of the key players in the implementation of the Smart RM (Smart Sales Management) project, thereby successfully directing the software launch project. Smart RM aims to provide sales teams with modern and professional selling tools. Smart RM is a tool to be actively built and completely designed by MB and is the first credit institution in the market to deploy. In addition, Mr. Anh is a member of the Transformation Office at MB - implementing cooperation projects between MB and IBM - the world's leading technology partner.

With the decision to add 3 new personnel, MB's Board of Management currently has 11 members, the General Director is Mr. Luu Trung Thai, 5 Deputy General Directors, and 5 members of the Executive Board. MB hopes that the new Board of Management will have the right mind, energy, and contribute to improving the management capacity and rejuvenating the management team at MB, which are important factors to help MB realize its goal “ Top 5 commercial banks in terms of operation quality and efficiency, leading in digital application ”.

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