University of Economics: Three more training programs have been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirement of the standard details of the 162nd AUN International quality assurance standard


The University of Danang (UD) has just added 03 training programs (including Auditing, International Business, Marketing (University of Economics - UD) which have been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirement of the standard details of the 162nd AUN international quality assurance standard. This time, the University of Language Studies also has a training program in the English language that is assessed to meet international quality standards (AUN-QA).

162nd AUN-QA External Audit Team

 Southeast Asian University Network (AUN) Quality Assurance Council (Quality Assurance) has assessed that all 04 training programs of the Universities of Economics and the University of Foreign Language Studies ​​- UD meet the quality standards in Southeast Asia (AUN- QA) with fairly high quality (level 5/7).

The AUN-QA has 18 standards with 74 criteria. Each criterion in the set of standards is weighted equally, the evaluation score of the entire program is the average score of all 74 criteria. 4 is the threshold score that meets AUN's quality accreditation standards. Each criterion is evaluated according to 7 specific levels as follows: 1 = nothing (no documents, plans, proofs); 2 = this topic of the internal quality assurance system is only in the plan; 3 = documented, but no clear evidence; 4 = have documents and proofs; 5 = there is clear evidence of effectiveness in the area under consideration; 6 = good quality; 7 = excellent.

Rector of University of Economics, University of Foreign Languages ​​with Head of AUN-QA delegation

AUN's 162nd external assessment team led by Dr. Wyona C. Patalinghug - Vice Chairman of AUN-QA Quality Assurance Council led the delegation with members who are experts in international education quality accreditation for fields and specialties from many countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore). The delegation worked, surveyed, and objectively and seriously assessed training programs at faculties and schools (the University of Economics, University of Foreign Languages ​​- UD) of UD and related parties (from October 8 to December 12). October 2019) strictly according to the process and standards and evaluation criteria of AUN-QA.

International accreditation is a reliable "measurement" to improve training quality

The Southeast Asian University Network (AUN) has been established since 1995. In order to promote the internal quality assurance of universities in the region, AUN has launched an initiative to assess the quality of higher education according to the common standards of the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance, abbreviated as AUN-QA. Accreditation of training programs according to AUN-QA standards facilitates students to transfer study credits between training programs of AUN member universities; create advantages for student and faculty exchange activities between universities. Enterprises and employers have a reliable basis to find quality human resources from training programs with internationalized quality references.


Classroom invested from the National Foreign Language Project

Up to now, UD has 20 accredited training programs, meeting international standards (CTI of Europe and AUN-QA of Southeast Asia), ranking third in the country in terms of a number of internationally accredited training programs, including the University of Science and Technology - UD has 12 training programs; University of Economics - UD has 05 training programs; University of Foreign Languages Studies ​​- UD has 02 training programs and University of Education - UD has 01 training program. Education Quality Management Department - Ministry of Education and Training has just announced the list of educational institutions that are recognized to meet national and international educational standards (January 13, 2020), according to which, the University Polytechnic - UD is recognized to meet international educational quality standards (HCERES, Europe); Four member universities of UD (the University of Education, University of Science and Technology, University of Economics, University of Foreign Language Studies) are recognized for meeting national educational quality standards.