The University of Danang - University of Economics strives to become a Vietnam preeminent university in higher education, scientific research, policy consulting, and technology transfer in economics and management, benchmarked with international standards.

    The University’s efforts focus on three strategic priorities:

    Academic Strategic

    • To develop the University into a research-oriented university and the training center for high-quality human resources, advocate reasonably increasing training scale in higher education corresponding with the competency of lecturers and condition of support to increase the proportion of postgraduate training. 

    • To establish strategies for fostering staff development to gain the leading percentage of lecturers and researchers with academic titles and academic degrees among the top Vietnam Universities in business and management. 

    • To conduct training program accreditation according to the international quality standards to identify the key and "vital" programs, comprehensively developed to be leading training disciplines in Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

    • To link education and research to adapt to the realities and requirements of the labour market to ensure sustainable employment and career development for graduates.

    Scientific Research and International Cooperation Strategic

    • To develop the University into a scientific research institute with highly qualified professionals and prestigious scientific experts in economics and management, among those are leading scientists in both applied and basic/academic research approaches, representing university academic reputation and quality of research and training on the mass media. 

    • To soar DUE's reputation in research through its great Teaching and Research Teams (TRT) and research groups to foster research activities and scientific transfer.

    • To develop The University to become a nucleus of scientific research with scientific publications/ research projects proven to be of high quality and great applicability and improvement of teaching methods, innovative activities.

    • To prioritize scientific research projects attached by international scientific publications and readiness of transferring - application in reviewing and selecting.

    • To develop The Journal of Economic Studies as one of Vietnam's prestigious scientific journals, receiving a score of 0.75-1 from the State Council of Professors. By 2035, it will be indexed in ISI/Scopus categories.

    • To establish close links with prestigious international universities and world-class scholars, organize scientific conferences/seminars, collaborate in researching and publishing scientific research in the world's leading journals. 

    • To cooperate with national or international higher education institutions under the sponsorship of research funds to conduct collaborative scientific research projects at the national or international level, creating opportunities to acquire new knowledge for lecturers, researchers, and learners. 

    • To strengthen student exchange with foreign university partners, to internationalize teaching staff.

    • To implement strategies and solutions in financial support to encourage lecturers, especially lecturers with academic titles and academic degrees, to conduct scientific publications in relevant ISI/Scopus List of Journals.

    Policy Consulting and Technology Transfer Strategic

    • To promote policy consulting, technology transfer of economic and business management, 

    • To participate in intellectual contributions and create the University's influence in formulating, selecting, and promulgating decisions, policy orientations, as well as grand and vital schemes and action plans of the localities and enterprises in the Central & Central Highlands;

    • To develop the University to step-by-step become a reputable institution of policy reviewing and consulting.

    • To increase the revenue from scientific transferring and consulting activities.


University of Economics-The University of Danang

71 Ngu Hanh Son, Danang City