I. Functions
         To advise the Rector to administer the University's operations by law; To conduct inspection and supervision of all operations; To implement the emulation and commendation work in the school.
    II. Duties
    1. Legal work
    - To take the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the other departments in, assisting the Rector in law matters related to the organization, management and operation of the school; To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the University, its officers, employees and students;
    - To lead or participate in composing legal documents as assigned by the Rector of the school, to give comments on the legal aspects of the draft legal documents composed by other departments of the University;
    - To act as a focal point for getting comments on draft legal documents drafted by agencies and units outside the University;
    - To take the prime responsibility for inspecting, scrutinizing and systemizing legal documents in each operations on the request of the Rector; To advise, propose amendments, supplement or abolish the documents prepared by other departments of the University when there are any inadequacies or inappropriateness;
    - Coordinate with the functional departments to organize propaganda, dissemination and education of laws, rules and regulations of the University of Da Nang and the University of Economics for staffs and students;
    2. Inspection work
    - To take the prime responsibility for formulating programs, planning and organizing annual and extraordinary inspections in the whole university;
    - To take the prime responsibility and be the focal point in inspecting and supervising the observance of the legislation on education and training; To propose competent authorities to settle and handle matters which need to be adjusted and supplemented in the management regulations, and propose directives to enhance the efficiency of the school operation;
    - To inspect the enrollment activities, teaching activities, graduation activities, and the activity of issuing diplomas and certificates;
    - To supervise and inspect the implementation of regimes related to students: tuition and fee levels, exemption and reduction of school fees, scholarships, campus, students classification;
    - To advise the Rector to settle complaints and denunciations, to communicate with staffs according to the provisions of law; To manage and archive dossiers for settlement of complaints and denunciations as well as dossiers of inspection and examination according to regulations;
    3. Emulation and commendation work
    - To set criteria and requirements for emulation and reward titles which are suitable to the school's conditions and the regulations of the higher level;
    - To take the prime responsibility for implementing the emulation and commendation work throughout the University;
    - To propose guidelines, develop plans and measures to promote emulation movement in each school year of the school;
    - To organize and guide the others departments to effectively carry out the emulation and commendation work; To supervise and inspect the implementation of the Party's and sector's undertakings and policies as well as the regulations of the Da Nang University for emulation and commendation;
    - To conduct a preliminary review, to sum up emulation regularly, to reward departments, individuals with high achievements in time;
    - To compile dossiers submitted to the superior level for consideration of emulation titles and commendation for units and individuals that have made outstanding achievements according to regulations;
    4. Other work
    - To carry out the work of synthesizing, statistics and timely reporting on the legal work, inspection, emulation and commendation on the request of the higher level and the University;
    - To manage and effectively use human resources, material facilities and equipment;
    - To coordinate with functional units to perform tasks arising in the course of operation of the University.