Discussion with Associate Professor, PhD. Florian gebreiter delivered a seminar with the topic “Some common problems of scientific publication”


To share research methods and experiences, on April 27th, the Faculty of Economics organized an academic seminar on the topic "Some Common Problems of Scientific Publication." The seminar was presented by Associate Professor Dr. Florian Gebreiter from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. The event attracted a large number of faculty members and students from the Faculty of Economics.

At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Le Bao, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Economics - University of Da Nang, outlined the content, significance, purpose, and requirements of the exchange session. Subsequently, Associate Professor Dr. Florian Gebreiter shared his successes and failures in publishing scientific papers, experiences in overcoming difficulties and psychological pressure when scientific papers are rejected by journals, and solutions and approaches for handling paper rejections. In particular, he also discussed with the faculty members the balance between work and personal life.

After the speaker's presentation, the faculty members from the Faculty of Economics raised several questions for further discussion to gain more insights into publishing scientific papers.

The seminar provided new research inspiration for the attending faculty members. Some research ideas emerged from the seminar, and it served as an opportunity to connect researchers through the activities of research groups.