• Objectives

    From the early years of its establishment, the Faculty set out guidelines and identified the right direction for development. Renovation of content, curriculum, and teaching methods as well as improving the quality of lecturers are considered as the two most important tasks. The Faculty has also worked closely with local authorities and departments as well as the many enterprises in training and doing research. Over the years, the Faculty has always been highly appreciated by the University and gained the trust of students and enterprises.

    The Faculty has a more than 45-year history of providing human resources in the fields of development economics, and public management both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels for the Central-Highland region and for Vietnam as a whole. Many of the Faculty alumni hold important positions in various organizations and enterprises.

    The Faculty currently has 22 lecturers, including 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 9 Doctors, 9 Masters (1 doctoral student), 01 trainee lecturer, and 01 administrative officer. Most of the lecturers graduated from renowned universities in developed countries such as England, Australia, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Taiwan, and Belgium.

    Recognizing the strong demand from the institutions and the enterprises in the context of international integration, the Faculty continues to improve teaching and learning activities toward encouraging students attain the knowledge and skills by self-study, self-improvement to adapt well to the changing business environment. In addition, the Faculty aims to meet the needs and demands of other relevant stakeholders.