The Faculty of Economics is responsible for educating and training 4 Bachelor majors, including: Development Economics; Investment Economics; International Economics; Economics and Public Management; 2 Masters majors including: Development Economics; Economic Management and 01 doctorate (PhD) in Development Economics.

    Over the past 40 years, the Faculty of Economics has trained more than 2500 full-time students from Class 1 to Class 40; Short-term Bachelor degree program, extended training system, part-time study system in Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Ninh Thuan... with a total number of more than 3000 students. Postgraduate training in Development Economics major started from the 18th class, so far about 500 students have graduated and about 160 are currently undertaking study in all provinces and cities of the country. Doctoral training in Development Economics has been carried out since 2012, with currently 20 PhD students studying.

    The students of the Faculty after graduation all have jobs and become successful. Currently, many alumni of the Faculty are working and holding many important positions and titles in the government management apparatus, organizations and enterprises nationwide.


     Over the years, the Faculty has completed 50 research projects at Ministerial, Provincial and grassroots levels; currently undertaking 01 national-level project and hundreds of highly practical journal articles. From 2010 up to now, the Faculty has published 10 textbooks, 02 monographs, and dozens of teaching materials for formal teaching and a number of textbooks are being completed for publication in the coming years. Most of the lectures’ materials on the subjects responsible by the Faculty have been uploaded on the university's E-leaning network to help serve the teaching work.

    In addition, the Faculty has organized many academic activities in professional groups to improve teaching quality. The Faculty has also practiced linking and implementing applied research cooperation programs with various socio-economic organizations in the Central region - Central Highlands through socio-economic development proposals and projects and is highly appreciated for the practical aspects of research works in developing local economy.

    List of some scientific topics that have been accepted in recent years:

    • Measures to promote private economic development in Quang Nam - Da Nang, Ministerial-level topic in 2005.

    • Some economic solutions to develop shrimp farming in the Central Coast provinces, Ministry-level topic in 2006.

    • Building and developing human resources in administrative agencies at district (district) and ward (commune) levels in Da Nang city, Ministerial-level topic in 2007.

    • Evaluation of household coffee production efficiency and its impacts on sustainable economic development in Dak Lak province, Ministerial-level topic in 2008.

    • Solutions to train human resources for a number of economic - technical sectors and high-tech industries in the city, City-level topic in 2009

    • Evaluation of the influence of human capital on the income of workers in the South Central Coast, Ministerial-level topic in 2010.

    • Migration between provinces in the Central Highlands: Situation and solutions, Key Ministerial-level topic in 2011.

    • Developing policies on restructuring the agricultural economy in Da Nang City to 2020. City level topic in 2012.

    • Economic development in the Central - Central Highlands in the face of population changes in the period 1999-2009: problems and solutions. Ministry level topic in 2013.

    • Impact of public investment on private investment in economic growth in Quang Nam province