Student Scientific Research Plan for the academic year 2023 - 2024


Implementing the scientific research movement of students in the University of Economics, the Faculty of Economics would like to inform students about the registration of scientific research topics for the 2023-2024 school year as follows:

  1. Register for students' scientific research topics:

  • Scientific research topics are chosen by students (encourage topics that are urgent, creative and new in the major, contributing to innovative solutions and applications in real life).

  • Each topic is written by an individual or a group of students (no more than 5 members). Members may be in different classes but belong to the same Faculty of Economics.

  • Each student is responsible for completing no more than 02 topics in an academic year.

  1. How to register:

Students fill in all information using the link below before October 10, 2023:

Signing up for NCKHSV 2024_Kinh te.xlsx

  1. Implementation plan and progress:

    1. Specific plans on determining topic names, research outlines, and manuscripts will be discussed specifically with each student by instructors in October 2023.

    2. Expected defense of department-level scientific research: May 20, 2024

    3. Expected protection of scientific research at the DUE level: The Faculty of Economics will select 03 best topics to participate at the DUE level in June 2024.