• Functions and Duties

    1. Functions

    a) To advise the Rector on organization and management of information–library activities;

    b) To organize and manage information–library activities. Applying information technology to management and serving readers;

    c) To provide information–library products and services to readers as requirements of the University;

    d) To organize and manage personnel, assets, information–library products and services of University of Economics – The University of Danang.

     2. Duties

    a) To be responsible for managing, supplementing, and preserving documents, books, newspapers, magazines, tapes, discs, electronic documents, theses, dissertations at the university as well as other publications and archives of the University. To guide and protect the copyright of all documents managed by the University.

    b) To supplement and develop information resources domestic and abroad;

    c) To process technique, process information, arrange, preserve, storage, manage documents and information resources;

    d) To provide service and guidance to lecturers, students of the university in exploiting, searching,  using easily and effectively information resources;

    e) To cooperate with other units of the University to supplement quality documents and databases;

    f) To plan training and retraining for librarians in order to improve their qualifications, professional skills, foreign language skills, information technology, etc;

    g) To organize and manage all facilities, equipment, documents of the library. To annually inventory its facilities, equipment, documents.  To purge out obsolete, damaged documents that are no longer have any using values according to regulations of the University;

    h) To cooperate with domestic and abroad libraries, information centers to exchange documents and professional experience;

    i) To do periodical reports (monthly, annually, and semester) on its operation to the Board of Rectors  as well as irregular reports at the request of the Board of Rectors;

    j) To perform other duties assigned by the University Rector.