• Student Services and Enterprise Relationship Center (SSERC)

    Student Services and Enterprise Relationship Center (SSERC) of The University of Danang - University of Economics


    SSERC was established by The University of Danang Decree No 254/QĐ-ĐHĐN dated January 01st, 2010.


    Main Functions:

    1.    To advise the Board of Rectors on organization and management of academic supporting activities;

    2.      To implement and manage student support services;

    3.      To implement and manage enterprise relationship activities;

    4.      To execute and administrate the university’s dormitory operations.



    - Administrating the university’s dormitory operations according to relevant regulations;

    - Efficiently organizing and managing the operation of the canteen; improving canteen foodservice for students, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

    - Managing parking services; providing services of printing, stationery, and others to accommodate most needs of learners;

    - Organizing soft skill training courses with certificates and certifications for learners to educate and improve learners comprehensively;

    - Organizing counseling activities related to academic, scientific research, psychology, health and recommending accommodation...

    - Organizing cultural, artistic, sports, sightseeing, tourism, and other entertainment activities with students' academic expertise, contributing to the training of qualities, ethics, and expertise;

    - Establishing and maintaining the cooperation between the University and enterprises for mobilizing financial supports for the University's activities, scholarships for students; recruitment consultancy and employment introduction; and consulting services for businesses; and co-organizing connecting and career orientating activities with enterprises;

    - Advising the Board of Rectors on the training policies associated with the needs of society through the relationship between the University and enterprises as well as other political, economic, and social organizations.


    Organizational structure of SSERC

    1.      Board of Directors

    2.      The affiliated offices

    a)     Office of Center: In charge of the general work of the center including financial management, labor-management who have directly signed labor contracts with the Center, administrative works; organizing and managing activities for establishing and maintaining the relationship between the University and Enterprises.

    b)     Student Dormitory: managing dormitory operations, ensuring the well-being and safety and health of the residents.

    c)     Service Office: implementing and managing the student-supporting services at the University as assigned by the Director of the Center.